Goodwill Kitchen

This is the kitchen that I found for at Goodwill this Fall and refinished for Clare for Christmas. It was ALOT of work and I’m not totally sure, after all those cans of Primer and Spray Paint, that it was HUGELY cost effective but I’m quite proud. I learned a few cool things along the way. There’s not much a DIY here, just my personal step-by-step and some helpful tips.

Check it out after the jump…

1. First I removed all of the hardware.

2. Then a did a light “sanding” with steel wool over the entire surface. This smoothed out a few rough patches and prepared the surface for paint.

3. I was quite annoyed when the nice man in the paint dept suggested that I needed to do a primer (as I hate extra steps) but I followed his recommendation and coated the entire kitchen in Kilz Original Primer Spray Paint.

4. Then I sprayed with inside of the cabinets and the pull-out shelves with aqua spray paint.

5. I masked the cabinets with newspaper and spray painted the rest of the kitchen white. I learned that masking tape takes off paint (annoying.)

6. I looked for a new faucet at the hardware store because the old one was a hideous but there wasn’t anything that worked so I painted the old one with Rust-Oleum Plastic Primer and then silver spray paint. It worked REALLY well!

7. My husband cut new doors from plywood (we should have used nicer wood) and we painted them and attached them with new hardware. I first tried to spray paint them without using primer. It was bad. We needed the primer for sure! Thanks Home Depot Dude!

8. I cut scrapbook paper to size and “wallpapered” the inside of the top, side, cabinets using my trusty Xyron 900for adhesive.

9. I created back panels of red foam-core for the center cabinet and the bottom 3  cabinets. If they are cut precisely, they will push in there and stay without any adhesive.

10. I hand-painted burners using my trusty compass to draw the rings.

11. I “invited” my mother-in-law to sew up the little curtains when she asked what she could do to help. Thanks PJ!!

And there it is! Of course, it is missing a stove and fridge and this morning Clare asked “where’s my microwave?” but I think we could get creative with a little bit of painted detail… or, ya know, she could actually “pretend.”




that's so cute! I'm struggling right now with the finishing details for the kitchen I made my girls for Christmas this year. Luckily they don't mind the missing pieces and unfinished paint job. 🙂


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