Graveyards, Spiderwebs and Spooky Specimens: The Best DIY Halloween Decor

Have you put up your Halloween decorations yet? Start by working on the front yard with an Old West Haunted Graveyard.

Baby Food Jar Tea Lights will give your house an eerie glow.

Make a Cameo Plaque for an old-timey vintage feel. Add a paper witches hat or cat ears to the silhouette to dress it up.

Get the kids in on the fun by making Spiderweb Yarn Bowls.

Hang a Bat-Mobile in the entryway.

Scatter Specimen Jars around the house to give your guests the heebie-jeebies. A Bloody Handprint on your window or a spooky Boo Doorbell Cover could also do the trick.

What other DIY projects have you made for your Halloween decorations?


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