Guest Post: Beth from Petite Planet Shares How to Grow Real Grass for Easter Baskets!

Beth says: Help the Easter Bunny go green this holiday by growing real grass to fill your Easter baskets! An eco-friendly, safe alternative to that icky, petroleum based plastic grass typically used to line baskets, real grass will look cheery and bright, and will add a really authentic touch to the big Bunny’s offering this spring.

Jaime says: I love everything about this idea…i imagine how good it would smell.  Head over to Petite Planet to learn the simple steps for growing a small patch of grass… and get started now so it has plenty of time to sprout!


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We did this once or twice when I was a kid. You just have to keep in mind that the grass will be wet so the candy and other treats need to be protected from that. We had some pretty icky chocolates the first year 🙁


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