Halloween Fun Stuff For All

Looking for a few last-minute goodies to make Halloween spookier, sillier, and simply more fun? Here are a few of our favorite stuff/things to delight the young and old.

Gordon loves a good pair of Skeleton Jammies. He wears them year round.

This Halloween Spirit Board Serving Tray will look spooky and chic on my coffee table.

The girls love a little something they can wear to school without causing a scene, like this Sequin Cat Ears Headband.

Here are two of our favorite classic board book parodies with a Halloween twist. Goodnight Goon is fit for little ones, The Very Hungry Zombie is a little more… distasteful.

But my very favorite Halloween book is Laugh-Out-Loud Spooky Jokes for Kids. We have a lot of fun bringing this one to the dinner table and sharing some great jokes that we can pass along to friends throughout the season. Even our new readers are loving this one.

A Rocky Horror Picture Show T-shirt can be worn well beyond Halloween, to the next PTA meeting perhaps.

Looking for a last-minute base for your Halloween costume? These gorgeous Leotards add coverage or warmth in a rainbow of colors.

Speaking of goodies that work well beyond the Halloween holiday, I think this You’ve Been Poisoned Mug will bring me pleasure year-round.

Same goes for these Emoji Masks which come in a variety of expressions, including poop. OF COURSE!


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