Halloween Throwback: Edibles

As promised, here is the edible version of Halloween Throwback.

Savory Stuffed Pumpkin

Simple Iced Ginger Spice Cookies

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Jello Halloween Treats (including a mommy juice version)

Brain Muffins (Jaime, I still have nightmares about these)

Shortbread Cookies: Recipe and Display

And don’t forget, any comment you leave this week could win you a little stash of pretty ribbon and trim. Mmmmmm ribbon and trim. Think you will try any of these tasty treats? The stuffed pumpkin comes highly recommended. And the Jello shots, they are good too.




I literally laughed out loud reading about the vodka jello incident at 7am. ("Yum, I mean opps…" hahahaha thats so something I would absentmindedly do… and wonder why I was feeling toopsy all morning. haha)
AND… I love those little orange shortbread cookies at the bottom. They are so cute I would have a hard time trying to decide if I should eat them or just stash them in my pocket for whenever I needed to add a fall-ish dash of cuteness into my day.


Seriously considering making those brain cupcakes for Cub Scouts…something tells me they would appreciate them!


We are having a Halloween party so will be trying the jello shots- may spice it up with tequila! I can hardly wait to watch my friends as the eye ball looks at them. May put a sign- Eye'm watching you!

Kelsey Johnson

Would it make any difference on the shortbread cookies if I used a larger cookie cutter? Maybe a longer baking time? I have one that is shaped like a fall leaf that I'd like to use.


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