Handmade Hanukkah Day 8: Simple Sparkly Crochet Bow Headband

You can whip one of these crochet headbands out in ten minutes.  I want to make a jillion crochet headbands with or without bows.  It’s basically another version of Jacinda’s Hot Mess Mommy headband.  Make it longer or shorter to suit you or your giftee’s head.

Get the Crochet Bow Headband Pattern after the jump…

Crochet Bow Headband Pattern

I used a size G (4mm) crochet hook and some sparkly vanna’s choice yarn.
SC=Single Crochet
HDC=Half Double Crochet
DC=Double Crochet
For the crochet headband, basically you are going back and forth to make the headband, when it’s done you’ll have three long, skinny pieces in the middle that are joined on each side, and you tie it under your hair in the back.  This is sized for a baby’s head, make yours longer for bigger kids and grown-ups.
Row 1: Ch 80, turn
Row 2: SC 20, Ch 40 (so now you have two long chains), SC into the foundation chain on the 40th Ch from where you started your second chain, SC 19 more (total 20sc), Turn
Row 3: SC 20, CH 40, SC into the first SC of the second row, SC 19 more (total sc 20)
Weave in Ends
Basically you are crocheting a rectangle of HDC
Row 1: Ch 8, turn
Row 2: *HDC into 1st chain from hook, HDC 7 more, Turn
Row 3-7: Repeat from *
Weave in ends
Now for the center of your bow:
Ch 8, turn, DC into 2nd chain from hook, DC 6
Instead of weaving in ends, wrap this piece around the center of your bow rectangle, and slip stitch to starting stitch to form a circle around your bow, arrange your bow rectangle into a nice shape.  You can tie off and weave in ends, then sew your bow to your headband, or you can leave your yarn and use it to attach the bow to the headband with a few chains and a slip stitch.




This is TOTALLY GORGEOUS! but I am really trying to figure out what you are displaying the headband on. Is that a stuffed animal? A fleece boppy?


it's a stuffed elephant. scarlet hates crochet and would not model it. sad mommy. but my sister in law Tamy made the elephant and its super cute i will have to post it soon


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