Happy Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day, let’s celebrate what might be the hardest work of all. Giving birth! Here is the story on Quinn’s birth on April 25th 2009… How about you? Leave links to your family birth stories in the comments! You might win the adorable sock octopus from The Nesting Spot featured to the left! Enjoy your day!

Quinn Frances – April, 25 2009. – We have been home with our new little girl for a day and a half now. Quinn is a cuddly baby who eats like a champ. Since nursing was my biggest challenge with Clare, this is a huge relief. No shields, no syringes, no detailed feeding diary, yay! But, um, ouch Quinn, you are ferocious! Quinn doesn’t cry very much but has a high-pitched squeal that she reserves for the middle of the night when I am trying to put her back in her bassinet as if to say, “Don’t even try it Lady, I WAS NOT DOSING OFF!” Thankfully Rick’s mom (PJ) has been here since yesterday afternoon to help in the whole “sleep when they sleep” initiative. Having PJ here has also really helped Clare cope with Mommy having her hands full. Clare seems to have grown up so much in just the 4 days since we went to the hospital, she seems bigger and her vocabulary has just exploded. She is such a little girl now with a little (almost) 2 yr old attitude! But more on sweet Clare later. Back to Quinn and the story of her arrival.

On Friday morning I woke up feeling like a little nesting in the form of shopping. I hadn’t bought anything for “Wizard” and I thought that I would try to find a uni-sex outfit for the babe to wear home from the hospital. After 4 days of light contractions and such, I knew it was coming. Clare and I strolled/waddled around the outdoor mall for a bit but I had to take frequent breaks as the contractions seemed to be getting stronger and more frequent. We made it back to the car and even called Rick to see if he wanted to have lunch near the office but before we could make a plan I started to feel worse and decided to get home. By mid afternoon I started to time my contractions at about 12 minutes apart. Rick went out and picked up a fried chicken salad that I had just seen in a Zaxby’s commercial on TV. I hadn’t really made any crazy pregnant lady craving demands so he humored me. After dinner, I rested/moaned in bed for a few hours as the contractions intensified. Not having experienced any home labor with Clare, it was a little scary to be in that much pain at home. I called the hospital at around 6 and they told me that I should really wait until the contractions were 5 minutes apart before coming in. By 11PM we were there. I did some final packing, we called the Boneaus to arrange for Clare and were off! The pain was so intense on the drive that I was actually biting the seatbelt and screaming like a horribly cliche movie. Awesome. We were at the hospital by 12 and they admitted me right away. Ahhh sweet IV of pain relief and a unexpectedly drama-free epidural (see Clare’s labor story, *After writing this I realized that I never wrote a delivery story for Clare! Oh no!) From there Rick and I took a little nap and decided on the middle name if Quinn was a girl. Frances, after Francis which is Rick’s dad’s middle name and BOTH of his grandfather’s first names. We both love it! I am feeling ready to push but the doctor hasn’t arrived yet. Once we started I would say that Quinn came in about a half-hour. She weighed 8lbs, 11oz, was 20 1/2 inches long. So much bigger than our little peanut Clare but looking so much like her at the same time!

The next 2 days are a blur of glorious 24 hour nursery care, magazine reading and snack eating, staring goo-goo eyed at Quinn and sampling the best country-fried steak that I have ever eaten. Hi there Texas hospital food, you are delicious. Clare came to visit with her Auntie Becca and all was well. She took a mild interest in the baby and when asked what the baby’s name was said “sister.” Aww. Quinn “gave” Clare a new doll (thanks Grammie : ) which made Clare quite happy and when Becca started packing up, Clare said “Bye Becca” and when we told her that she was going home with Becca she turned to me without missing a beat and said “Bye Mama.”

So now it is 4:45 am and I have been up since 1 and Quinn is asleep in my lap. I think that I’m ready to attempt another transfer to the bassinet. Wish us luck.



Lil' Bit and Nan

This is from my personal blog about my recent accomplishment with labor, and birthing our beautiful daughter.

After a lovely day bridal gown shopping with my sister-in-law, I began some consistent contractions, which kept going into the evening. After counting my contractions for 2 hours, every 5 minutes I told Robert he needed to take me to the hospital, but to expect to be sent home on false labor since my contractions weren't painful(try having kidney stones, then you will know pain). Turns out I went into real labor around 9PM Tuesday March 23, 2010. We went to Los Robles around 11PM. Got an epidural around 1AM (worst moment of anxiety ever) I cried most of the night, out of fear of having a baby come through such a small place which happened to be on my body of course. My mom and Robert slept in the delivery room with me. I wasn't dilating very fast, which was fine since they cranked up the epidural for me. The nurses thought I would deliver by the next evening. So we slept all night and by 1PM Wednesday March 24, 2010 my OB came in to check my dilation and said "Oh!" "Well her head is popping out, looks like your having a baby now, I'll go get changed!" Robert called everyone right away so they could make it down in time. I had my mom, Robert, my step-mom, and dear friend, Brenna, in the delivery room to watch. The epidural worked so well I couldn't feel a thing, so I wasn't so afraid of the delivery until they rolled in the cart with all the shiny sharp tools. I decided to take my headband and pull it over my eyes so I would be able to focus on the delivery rather than the shiny tools and my OB's face in between my legs.

After about 5 sets of 3 pushes our M.E. arrived at 2:21PM. She weighed in at 5 lbs 15 oz and was 18 3/4 long. She came 2 1/2 weeks early. I was so ready. And I did it blindfolded. RObert kept telling me how proud he was of me, I enjoyed hearing that. I was proud of me too.

We have had M.E. home for a week now and we are so in love with her. She is beautiful, looks just like her daddy, and sleeps so well. She has just been perfect. We are so thankful for her, and she is truly a blessing to us. We thank our Heavenly Father everyday for her. We know what a miracle she is. A miracle we never thought would come our way. Bethany


ooh, can't wait to read all the stories! You made me laugh with the part about you biting the seat belt. Unfortunately I had to be induced with both my kids since I apparently have a very comfortable womb so I never got to experience anything like that. I don't have a blog so I won't be sharing my stories today, but I don't need to win the octopus anyway since it is currently in my house. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also have to say that I am amazed at the photos you guys got in the hospital. It's like you had it set up with professional lighting and had a photographer in there taking pictures. Wish ours were that great. Quinn doesn't look like she was just born..babies are usually a little funny looking the first couple days and she is just adorable.

Taylor {Sew Much Love}

Wow Quinn was a beautiful new baby!

Long story short I was 41 weeks (blah) and went into labor the day before I was going to be induced (which is why I begged them to "set" an induction date) Then I was in labor for 21 hours and my daughter was turned so after using the vacuum unsuccessfully (twice!) they used forceps and got her out. But she had swallowed meconium so she had to go to the newborn special care nursery. She looked like a BEAST being 8 lbs. 12 oz. in there with all the preamies!

She's about to turn a year and can you believe after all that I totally want another one!?!?


Here's my.. Not so much labor in it as I had a c-section. I didn't have it 'easy' though as my pregnancy was complicated, and I was closely monitored from month 5. After being admitted in hospital because one of the tests showed baby in distress, they decided c-section was the best way to deliver the baby girl. Tatyana was born 04.09.2009 at 9.40 AM (numerology, anyone??) at only 3.4 lb and about 15" (tiny for 34 weeks), had some complications in the NICU that required the 2 month stay. She's doing great now and the whole experience would be easy forgotten if not the small scars from numerous IVs :(. But I feel very lucky that Tatyana is thriving now, she's small as a toddler but all over the place and a funny little girl on top of that. Not much for a labor story, but there goes my birth story ๐Ÿ™‚


I actually gave birth on Labor Day – but that was 29 years ago. Such a sweet boy who weighed 9-2. He and his wife are now awaiting their own first arrival. Wonderful how time marches on.


Okay, it's official. I am in love with the thought of "Labor" Day! What an amazing way to empower women and get them pumped for such a physical, mental, and emotional experience.

I had my daughter at home in 2008 and it was, to date, the wildest ride of our lives. Forget the camera, the playlist we agonized over for a month, or the soothing ambiance all aglow with candles and said music. Nope, there wasn't time.

It started with a giant exercise ball and falafel…and ended just two hours later in bloody murder screaming combined with many-an-expletive. But oh, was it beautiful!

And OH! My daughter, Ava, weighed in at 8 lbs 11 oz, too! Her 20 inch short body was chock full of rolls.

Thanks for sharing!


I actually gave birth to my son on Labor Day, 3 years ago. It was also my due date. People thought it was hilarious that I was due on Labor Day. The labor was not so funny. After 17 hours of back labor, the doctor finally realized that my linebacker baby was too large to pass through my pelvis so off to the O.R. we went. The C-section wasn't bad- I only wish the decision had been made about 16 hours earlier!


Here is the story of Destructo's birth: (Why do we call him Descruto you might ask. Well what else would you call an 18 month old, rambunctious, male toddler?) Apperently my first child had really decked the womb out nicely because this boy was very comfy in there. They decided to induce me at 41 weeks because my blood pressure was getting a little high and I could barely even waddle anymore. So, on Thursday I call into the hospital to see what time to come in and they say "well we are really busy, call again tomorrow". I was like "WHAT?!?!???" My hubby took care of the first born and did everything he could to not upset me further for the rest of that day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The next day was a go, so we go in and hangout while waiting for the pitocin to be administered.
They start the pitocin and I sit around for a few hours with not much happening. After about 3 hours the midwife starts talking about sending me home and trying again in a few days. Once again I was all "WHAT?!??" However, well she is making up her mind about what to do my contractions kick up a notch. Finally, I am in labor. For about 2 hours things are getting more and more intense, so I tell Hubby I want my epidural now! The midwife says "no problem, let me just check you while we wait for the anathestiologist." So I haul myself on to the bed for her to check my progress and she says" whoa! no epidural it's time to push!" A few pushes and I have my beautiful baby boy in my arms! Okay, it was a few pushes, and a lot of grunting and swearing. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Awww Quinn is so cute! She is only a few days older than my little girl. The night before Ansley was born we were watching my high school friend compete on American Idol at a friend's. I was having contractions but had been for a few days and was still only a 2. She told me I was going to meet my baby tomorrow and she was right! We went to the hospital at around 5 am. My contractions were every two minutes apart but were pretty weak and not doing much. My MD broke my water at around 1 pm- after which the contractions intensified so much and I started feeling back labor. I finally got an epidural b/c I couldn't relax any other way. Within an hour (and when I thought the epidural wasn't working b/c the pain was just about as bad as before) I was at a 10. I thought this would be the easy part but my stubborn baby stayed in the birth canal for a ridiculous amount of time. After getting oxygen and an episiotomy (sp) she was finally born at 5:23 pm, weighing 7 pounds 13 ounces. After she was less purple and cleaned up, I was relieved.

This weekend is bittersweet, as I just lost my second baby. ๐Ÿ™


I think that baby needs a present! (MY birthday is April 25th too!) ๐Ÿ™‚

I had two pretty relaxed labors, but I guess I could blog about it on my own! hehe. Thanks for the great idea!

The Five McCoys

I am proud to say, Abigail, our first daughter was born on Labor Day weekend! She is now 8 years old. I was induced with her and it took 2 days, but it was well worth all the bed rail clinching and painful walking up and down a hallway until she dropped into place and I let out a big scream! The nurse was shocked at my outburst and said "What is wrong?!" I said "It's coming", and she said "What's coming?!" and in the most demonic voice ever I was told by my husband and in-laws, I screamed "THE BABY! WHAT ELSE WOULD BE COMING RIGHT NOW?!" Sure enough they wheeled me to my room and saw Abby's full head of dark hair and said, yep, she's coming! I was beyond annoyed, I told them she was coming! It wasn't long at all a few pushes from there and I was able to watch the entire thing with mirrors the doc had set up! It was beautiful, and I would do it again in a heart beat! I love my Labor Day Girl! It always makes me giggle when I think of the Labor I had on that day!


I had 2 completely different labors with my two girls. With my first I started to labor during the night, I tried to be real quiet while I was walking all over the place (don't want to wake up hubby of course) then when I couldn't take it anymore around 6 in the morning, I woke him up and yelled "call the hospital we're having a baby!" His eyes were HUGE! I didn't want pain stuff at first but I felt crazy, so they gave me a shot of nubain. That stuff is nice. You can still feel the contractions but it distracts you. When my sis came she asked if she could eat lunch I thought that would be ok but really I was just glaring at her so she tried to cheer me up and some how thought if would be funny to laugh like Spongebob, I succeeded with my laugh to have 3 nurses rush in to make sure I was ok. They thought I must be in horrible pain. HA HA nope! after about 5 hours of labor and giddiness the nubain had worn off and I wanted to scream. The nurse checked me and said you can start pushing. (Ok just a side note here, in the labor class and books they tell you you'll have this incredible urge to push. Nope. Never had it with this labor) Her telling me this caused me to panic and I mean full blown panic attack. I said I don't want to but I'll try. Yelling that I'm not doing this right. I thrashed so hard my IV came out. My sister was my focal object lucky her. I had this sense that People wanted to slap me since I quit pushing. Then a tiny moment of clarity came through, I looked at my Dr who didn't actually deliver my baby but just stood there while a resident delivered looking smug with his perfect hair that I really wanted to mess up, said "you need to keep pushing or we'll have to do a c-section" ok finished the job in like 5 minutes. Not one slap to the face. (I only had to push for 28 minutes seemed so much longer) Chloe was 6# 15 oz and 18"
The second one I won't go into as much detail, but I just know I was miserable I had such a by the book blissful pregnancy with my first now I have painful varicose veins, those went away to give me a new horror of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction to the point I had to be looked after by my mom or husband. Needed help going to the bathroom or taking a shower. I was induced at 39 weeks. I took an epidural because of my pain and it took me 5 or so minutes getting to the bathroom. This labor went on from 8 am to 5:30 pm but I had the urge to push and got the job done in 10 minutes no stitches! I still get weird pains a year later and still go to the chiropractor. But love my girls!


So funny, I was just talking to hubby downstairs about our labor and how we now have a little human being in our lives.

I love the name Quinn and how cute was that face at birth! Oh my.

Here's my birth story… first time labor, un-medicated (totally by fluke) and the baby turned halfway so she had to be manually turned by hand to get her out… YIKES!!


Chad, Dilenna, Ashlynn, and Audree

So my labor stories aren't all that exciting- the only exciting part was that they were both under 2 1/2 hours! With my first, my water broke at home so I thought I had lots of time so I took a shower, packed my bag and watched some TV. But about 45 min after my water broke, I could hardly move. So we were off to the hospital and Ashlynn came at 11:38pm after about 3 pushes. With my second, I felt one contraction at 4:00am and waited until I felt a couple more. Then we called our friends to come stay with Ashlynn and we left about 4:30 for the hospital. Audree was born at 5:30am again after about 3 pushes. I'm afraid to have a third, given my short labors- I really dont' want to have one at home!!


What a beautiful baby!

I had both of my little ones at home, and I don't think I could ever forget the days that they were born. Babies are just fabulous.


i got all excited when i saw this post thinking that today, 9 days overdue with baby #5, would be the day- however, it proved uneventful…but i would still love to win the sock octo nonetheless ๐Ÿ™‚


That is one BEAUTIFUL baby!!! Seriously–lovely. Blessed you are…not just with a gorgeous baby, but with a new life entrusted to your care.


See what happens when I decide to fight the power with my vagina!

"My birth experience was so perfect that I would say it was like the movies. But the movies NEVER show you a non-ridiculous birth. So I’ll say it was better than the movies, and we rode off into the sunset."

I’m going to just start with the stats that someone considering unmedicated childbirth or the Bradley Method would want to know: I’m 36 and this is my first baby. I was a little over 41.5 weeks. One breast pump got things rolling. No bloody show. No water breaking. I was in labor for 11 hours. The hard part was five hours. I pushed for half an hour. My water never broke. Gave birth to one 8 lb 8 oz boy completely inside his bag of waters. One teeny tear, but not in the SCARY TEAR area. No stitches. Zero pooping. We banked the cord blood.

Now, the longer version…



I love reading birth stories! Quinn was such a beautiful baby!

I've written my birth story but I haven't posted it on my blog (it's long enough to be a short novel!). The short story: contractions for 2 days, stalled at 8 cm, epidural didn't work, c-section. C arrived at 3:16pm on 02.14.10. She's our little love baby and I am so thankful for every day with her. Labor, delivery, and the first few months with her weren't what I expected but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world. Well, maybe for a little sleep!


Thank you so much for sharing. Totally took me back 4 years ago, when my second daughter was born. I had many similarities with your story! Since I know we wont be having any more, I love to hear about other experiences to help me remember those times…4 years doesn't seem like a long time ago, but so much has changed! Miss snuggling with a quiet little bundle…


I just found this site…there was a posting from a woman that really grabbed my attention…It was the same man with all the same details albeit a few minor changes. The name was exactly the same Joseph Robert Williams, from Switzerland, father with cleaning business, died in a car crash, moved mother to the states to live with him, she had a jewelry business, he came here at the age of 20 to go to college and stayed…Wife died, raising son on his own. Really pulling at your heart strings…falling in love without meeting the whole nine yards…Then when we are supposed to meet…all of a sudden the trip to Africa is set in motion…he will send me a phone number etc…the only thing that he didn’t get around to was to ask for money…which I don’t have…and I wouldn’t have done it anyhow…Yes we did exchange addresses and phone numbers…big mistake…I have called the bank and credit reporting agencies. I will also be calling the cops…I don’t know if there is anything that they can do but at least if I report it…it is on record…So ladies beware…the picture of the man is extremely good looking…he gets you with…oh I fell in love with your smile…what a crock…if it sounds to good to be true…remember is usually is! Oh and yes he uses yahoo messenger and says he doesn’t like to talk on the phone and wants you to talk to his son…really plays it to the hilt!


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