Helium, Hot Air and Hot Fries: Friday I’m In Love

Birthday we are celebrating: If you have perused the internet this week you probably already know that it would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday! If you are looking for a sweet way to honor this great lady, I recommend picking up a copy of Bon Appetit! The Delicious Life of Julia Child. This adorable book illustrates her fascinating life and is the perfect treat for yourself or a Julia Child fans of any age. A chic conversation piece! Amazon: $12.23

Fools we are making: Did you hear? We VLOG! Over on the Prudent Baby YouTube Channel we have been making daily videos all week. Jaime and Colleen took us to Folsom and Palm Springs and Jacinda took us to… Party City. Who knew one glider Mickey “Momo” Mouse Balloon could inspire such shenanigans. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, leave a comment on the Momo about Town video 

Laughs we are having: If have a hankering for some fast food, check out Daym Drops for the best dining reviews I’ve seen in… EVER. This 5 Guys review started a burger debate over on the Prudent Baby Facebook page.

And if that doesn’t make you laugh, maybe Rich Kids of Instagram will.

Photos we are taking: Speaking of Instagram. Did you hear that PrudentJaime and PrudentJacinda finally broke down and joined in the fun? Our lovely assistant ColleenasaurusRex can also be found snapping away.

Spaces we are sharing: My favorite spot in my home, my courtyard, was featured in The Hot Colors for 2013 and How to Use Them at Country Living.

Thing which I acquired that I am loving: Does you tech-y gear need a pretty new home for Fall? I’m in love with the gorgeous new Clare Rojas Laptop Sleeve. Learn more about the collection here.

 So hey, back to the vlogging. We are curious about what you would like to see from us. More tutes, more interviews, more behind-the-scenes, more trips to exotic locals? (because we will totally do that for you, ha)  Or do you have any specific questions that you would like us to answer in our upcoming vlog posts? We are your puppets, we shall dance for you.


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