How cute are these?

Scarlet’s great grandma and middle-namesake, Jane, sent us these deelish hand embroidered tea towels that have been in her home since maybe the late 30’s. Have you ever seen anything so cute ever in your entire life? I told Jacinda that I want this one to be our book cover…

Right?? Now if I could just find one exactly the same but replace the exploding pot with a sewing machine.

Leave a comment on this or any post this week for a chance to win the ABC cups pictured up there on the left.




Oh do I love these towels. I remember the "days of the week" towels we had when I was young – Mondays – wash, Tuesdat – iron – etc.


That looks vaguely my husband often wonders.."Why is every dish in the house on the counter or dirty when you are cooking?" PFFFT! Every dish..a slight exaggeration..
Honestly..I have no idea how it happens..


These are too cute! I hope you find a way to display these in Scarlet's room- maybe framed or on canvas? My grandmother tats (not sure if that's the proper conjugation of 'tatting''). I hung a few coaster doilies she made on my baby girl's wall behind her crib. They look like colorful snowflakes, fit the room decor perfectly, and give my baby girl a connection to her far away great grandma.


I have been a follower of your blog for awhile now, always daydreaming of being a "crafty" momma. Well, my day has come:) With a gift from my mom (a sewing/ embroidery machine), some beautiful fabric, my boys as muses, and this wonderful website, I have started to let my creative juices flow!! I am addicted. I have been in the same local fabric shop everyday for the past week. I am an avid collector of fabric and easy patterns! I can't get enough. My mom says I'm a natural 🙂 YAY


I just love the look of the old fashioned designs like that. Just super cute. Exploding sewing machine. HA too funny. Don't think I've ever seen one of those.


jlchatt i was like OMG how did i not notice the girl holding a knife that says slicer?!! but LOL it says silver…now i want one that says slicer AND one with an exploding sewing machine.

as for the prudent baby book, i've already said too much.

Team Botanical

Completely reminds me of the ones my mom inherited from my grandmother. There was one for each day of the week, with the associated chore (cooking, laundry, etc.) illustrated on each.


I am loving these, AND the fact that they are vintage and not something you can only find in a specialty shop way overpriced. maybe my great grandma has some waiting to be passed down to me? hehe


Love them! Brendon has a box of some stuff he packed from Jane's house. Maybe I should open it up and see if there are any more gems like these!


Beautiful! I want to make Squirt (my 3yr old) a tea towel dress from some antique-y hand embroidered tea towels like these. Saw some at a craft show and fell in love. The ABC one would be perfect to frame or even use as a template to embroider one for her dress.



OMG!!!! These are great. I don't know how to hand embroider anything…although I absolutely covet all things (cool) that are hand embroidered. I WANT THESE!!! I know you guys can come up with a tutorial for something like this…right?! (lol) But seriously, you are all so incredible..don't you want to at least try!!! Love the retro flare and I believe in you (wink)!


Up until I saw your post, I thought embroidery was old lady stuff…and perhaps in some ways it is…but, as I soon discovered in some ways…it's AWESOME. I loved these kitschy designs and when I went to the craft store I couldn't help but buy these equally quaint ones with steaming kettles and kettles eating donuts. I made my first embroidered kettle with inspiration from you!! Thanks prudentbaby!


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