How to Decorate Cookies with Flowers

How-to-Decorate-Cookies-with-FlowersSpring in the Pacific Northwest has been absolutely incredible so far. There are tulips and daffodils in full bloom, bright pink petals sprinkle the sidewalks like confetti, and trees that were once bare are now covered in blossoms. Needless to stay, I’m itching to craft with flowers again. About two years ago I made candied rose petals with Jaime for Valentine’s Day. This tutorial uses a very similar technique, however, instead of roses I used spring pansies and marigolds. They are a beautiful way to decorate simple sugar cookies for your next spring party.

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– Cookies (Sugar and shortbread work well)
– Meringue powder or 2 egg whites
– Water
– Sugar
– Pesticide-free edible flowers

Pick out your pesticide-free edible flowers. Try to go for flowers that are relatively flat. Pansies were really easy to work with, but I also used marigolds and next I plan to try carnations.

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There are two ways that you can stick the flowers to the cookies:

Method 1) Mix up the meringue powder mixture with water according to the directions on the back of the container. In this case, I mixed 4 tbsp of meringue powder with 4 tbsp of water, which equaled 2 egg whites. Brush the mixture onto the cookie.

Method 2) Or you can brush egg white onto the cookie with a pastry brush.

Position the flowers and remove the stems so they lay as flat as possible. If you want to press them quickly, learn How to Press Flowers in Five Minutes.

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For the marigolds, I picked off the petals and then placed them.

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Now brush either your meringue mixture or egg white over the petals, adhering the flowers to the cookies. Use a generous amount.

Sprinkle sugar on top.

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If you are using meringue powder you can just let them dry and serve.

If you are using egg whites, you will want to pop the cookies back into the oven at 325 degrees for about five minutes to set the egg white.

How to Decorate Cookies with Flowers


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