How to Host a Spooky Halloween

Every year we set up our haunted Halloween graveyard at the beginning of October (Scarlet added the bloody heart covered in glow-in-the-dark roaches this year, nice touch lady!). Those tombstones look old, and they are! Want to hear the story? It’s not scary at all, I promise…

I have four siblings, two of whom are much younger than I. When I was a teenager, before they were born, I’d visit my dad’s house around Halloween, and a house down the street always had the coolest old west graveyard decorations taking over their lawn.

Around the time that I went off to college, it seems the kids from that home also left the nest. When my brother and sister were toddlers, the owners of that home passed along the decorations to my father & stepmother so they could keep up the tradition on the street for their kids.

Now my siblings are in college themselves, so the decorations were passed on to me to share with Scarlet. We have also added a few of our own (say hello to zombie cat, plague mice, and terrifying tree bat).

This is the first year Scarlet was REALLY REALLY excited to decorate for Halloween. She’s her mother’s child, totally excited for the holiday, so I told her we could host a party for all her new Kindergarten friends the week before Halloween. Here’s all the stuff we got for our party! 

And you can win the whole set to throw a party of your own! Find out how and see more pics of our spooky Halloween decor after the jump…

I will leave you with my husband’s favorite touch…
halloween finger doorbell

This post is sponsored by Juicy Juice. Thanks for the fun inspiration!


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