How to Make a British Phone Booth from a Cardboard Box

This post is sponsored and inspired by VTech.

Our big girls Scarlet and Clare (almost 7 & 8 years old, can you believe it?) don’t get to see each other often so they love to catch up on the phone. Having a land line and an affordable and durable cordless phone from VTech gives them the independence to give each other a call “just because” without their moms hovering over them waiting to retrieve their cell phones. Ugh, aren’t moms soooo annoying?

Cardboard box phonebooth

Clare loves to chat with Scarlet and plot their next rendezvous from her new cozy DIY phone booth. Maybe they can convince their moms to take them on a girls’ meet-up in London! Don’t doubt them, these girls are very convincing. And if not, they can enjoy the charm of England at home with a DIY cardboard British phone booth made from a wardrobe box.

I love that caller ID lets me know when it’s Scarlet on the line and I let Clare answer, and VTech phones’ crisp speakerphone quality makes it possible for her do other stuff (like crafting) while she chats with her best bud.

Cardboard box phonebooth
Get the full tutorial by clicking the video at the top of this post.This post is sponsored and inspired by VTech.



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