How to Make a Serger Crib Sheet

First we had the Cute Crib Sheet Tutorial which was a really easy way to make a crib sheet using your sewing machine. Then we had the Crib Sheet Tutorial: Part 2, a more finished end product for gift-giving, featuring encased elastic all the way around the edge. Now here is the Serger Crib Sheet. This version is the simplest of them all with the help of a serger. It’s not the prettiest but it’s definitely the fastest way to turn a few yards of lovely fabric into a crib sheet for your babe.Start a piece of fabric 42/44″ x 66″. I used Aneela Hoey, Walk In The Woods which is on sale right now! If you are gifting the sheet and would prefer to not pre-wash the fabric, keep the length at 68″ instead. Quinn’s awesome boots are c/o Boggs.

1. From each corner, cut away an 8″ square.

2. Keep the selvage (existing edge) on the two long sides, It’s a ready-made finished edge! On the two short ends, finish on the serger.

3. Fold the corner so that the  8″ sides of the corner line up with right-side-facing.

4. Serge the 8″ sides together.

5. Stitch about 1/2 inch then pull the thread “tail” around from behind and across the stitching path to secure the thread ends from unraveling.

6. Repeat on all 4 corners.

You have the basic shape of the sheet. Now we just need to add elastic.

7. Cut 4 – 10″ lengths of 1/4″ elastic and pin the center of each to the seam of a corner.

8. Move over to the sewing machine to sew on the elastic with a basic stretch stitch. A zig-zag will also work. With the elastic stretched to the max, sew it to the very edge of the corner, starting and ending with a few back stitches.

Repeat on all 4 corners. It’s not the prettiest finish but it’s so easy and you’ll never see it!
Pop it on your favorite crib or toddler bed and tuck in a sweet baby!



Cheryl Sammons

What a beautiful baby! I’ve added your website (again, tee hee hee) to my Pinterest board. Your blog is awesome!


Aww, thanks ladies. I take pictures of her lil curls whenever I get the chance!


I just love all your posts and pics! im glued to your blog and FB!!!


Thanks for the tutorial! I just got a serger so I’m excited to try this! Did you make the quilt too? It looks like it’s Dream On fabric, which I have a couple of charm packs of stashed away to make a quilt for my daughter someday. Looked around the blog a little but I couldn’t find any post on it. Thanks!


I love your website and all your tutorials. I was wondering if you made your daughter’s dress/romper? It looks adorable and I was hoping you made it so there would be a tutorial? 🙂

Leena Anneli

Great and simple! I took some old worn sheets and made doggy bed covers for my two awesome pit bull niece and nephew! They loved their new bed covers!
Leena in Houston


Just made my first crib sheet with the serger! I just serged the elastic right on and it worked great!


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