This is How to Make a Watermelon Keg and Agua Fresca Recipe

This is How to Make a Watermelon Keg and Agua Fresca Recipe.

This watermelon “keg” was our gift to Carleton for Father’s Day yesterday. That and some really dorky scones. The watermelon drink dispenser was totally simple to make – the hardest part was finding a tap, but I figured out a solution for that. Scarlet helped with scooping out the watermelon flesh, which we used to make some popsicles as well as the refreshing batch of agua fresca that we served inside the melon (can we get a what-what for hot pink juice that is 100% natural?).

Of course, dad and I later used the aqua fresca to make Watermelon Mint Jalapeno Mojitos, but that, my friends, is another post. However, the watermelon mimosa that I shared on facebook, well that’s self explanatory.

Find out how to make a watermelon into a keg/drink dispenser and get my super simple (every kid will love it, and almost every parent will love to spike it) watermelon agua fresca recipe…

How to Make a Watermelon Keg & Watermelon Agua Fresca Recipe

So according to this DIY by the people who grow watermelons, you’ll need a watermelon. An ovalish one is a good idea, and seedless will make your life a little easier (but not much easier, so if ya’ got a seeded watermelon, go for it). You’ll also need a spigot. That’s hard to find, so I took one off my mason jar juice jug ($15 at Cost Plus World Market). I can tell you that they do not sell spigots at Bevmo, SurLaTable, World Market, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, or any other store that is near my house. So, if you have a drink dispenser, look closely and you’ll likely see the spigot unscrews – bingo.

It’s quite simple to screw off. Here’s all the parts. Screw, bolt, washers.

To make the watermelon stand up, slice a small small small amount off the bottom. Leave as much of the white as you can, and cut so the watermelon will stand up straight.

Slice a bigger chunk off the top. It doesn’t have to be this big, but a big opening makes it easier to have your kid help scoop out the flesh.

Now scoop out the flesh.

I removed it directly to the blender.

Ragamuffin helper and I with our pureed watermelon.

Run the blended watermelon through a strainer to get the seed bits and chunks out.

At this point we had to pause to make popsicles.

Back to our watermelon keg. Use an apple corer to create a hole for your spigot.

Screw that baby into place.

To make watermelon aqua fresca, mix the watermelon juice with the juice of half a lime (or more, to taste). Taste, if it needs more sweetness add a tablespoon of sugar or simple syrup at a time. Pour it into your watermelon. If no children are present, add vodka. Done!

You have to try this for a summer party. Don’t do it for me, do it for the children. They really, really want to drink from a watermelon. At least that’s what they told me.



mammy hugs

wow, can NOT wait for the next barbecue to try this baby out, i’m thinking one for the kids and one for the mammy’s!!! (shall have to make sure i mark them properly to avoid dangerous accidents!!) thankyou so much for this one, am already googling keg taps!


OH! So doing this for my sister’s 30th birthday this weekend – if I can find a drink spigot! Thank you!! Love this blog! <3

April @ illistyle

Way to tap that thang. (Oh yeah, I went there.) Thanks for the tute. I am all over the watermelon agua fresca. It is my husbands favorite. Way to go. xoxo


Wow. That is just SO awesome. Perfect thing for any party as long as you don’t forget to bring that spigot home again. Thanks for showing us.


I gave this a test run about a month ago. While I loved the concept, I had a little bit of leaking around the spigot that made the whole thing a little messy. I didn’t use the nut and gasket on the inside of the melon though – which is probably the culprit. I tried to make mine by cutting the hole just a little smaller than the threads in the spigot then twisting it into place. After a few pours I stripped the threads in the melon, and well, in came the mess.

I found replacement spigots on Amazon for four bucks a piece – worth doing if you can wait for it to ship before. I also made a basil and rum cocktail to fill ours, which was amazing.

Appetite Affliction

So glad to see someone else tried it! We got a bit rough with ours and split the plastic nut on the end of it after a few keg refills which caused ours to start leaking, so I suspect you’re right about skipping the grommet & nut at the back of the spigot causing leaking 🙂


We’ve been doing that s for a while with watermelons and pumpkins during Halloween.the best spigots for the job can be found and bar and beer brewing supply stores. Expect to pay around 20 for the right set up, you’ll need the tap the threaded insert a bolt and two gaskets. Seal the inside around the gasket with paraphin wax. Freeze the fruit to keep it from developing food born illness.

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Save the tea jar spigot. Cut the taps out of wine in a box bags and use them.


hey. I think they sell the spouts at your local beer making supply house.. give them a call… great idea for our annual 3 day camp out at our home here in the mountains in August!! thanks!

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Zuzana K

I made it for my friends and it was totally delicius and beautiful. Great and tasty table decoration 🙂 But be carefull 😀 Even I bought small watermelon we had enough not only for us (4 people), but if we were 20 it will be still enough. I was eating rest of it for whole week 😀

How to Make a Watermelon Keg

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You can find spigots on Amazon for $6-7 and if you have Prime, they ship for free!
I can’t wait to try this!

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