How to Make a Wine Gift Bag

How to Make a Wine Gift Bag | Pretty Prudent

Oh wine, how I love thee.

And how I love the anthropologie-rumpled look of this cotton-linen blend Heather Ross fabric for a gift like this. I imagine toting it to the park for a picnic where all the ladies are wearing forties-inpired high heels while casually sipping Malbec as the sun sets.

Or you know, a last minute dinner party gift, maybe with a few pretty wine glasses.  Learn How to Sew a Wine Bag after the jump…

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DIY Gift Bag for Wine

Isn’t this fabric so amazing? It’s Heather Ross Far Far Away 2 Roses in Plum. This is a home decor weight fabric, a cotton-linen blend, so it’s heavier. if you want to use a regular quilting cotton then definitely add some fusible interfacing to your project. I love the anthropologie-rumpled look of this fabric for a gift like this.

Let’s start by making the strap.  You could use cotton webbing or leather or whatever you’ve got, but I made a fabric one.  So start by cutting a 10″ X 4″ piece of fabric.  Fold each long side into the center and iron (so each fold is 1″):

Then fold the whole thing in half (so the unfinished edges are enclosed in the fold) and iron again:

Sew the open edge with a straight stitch:

Then sew the opposite edge with a straight stitch:

On the sides of the strap, sew with a zig zag to finished the edges and keep them from unravelling:

Now let’s make the bag.  So cut a piece of fabric 12″ X 17″ and fold it in half right sides facing so two 17″ sides are aligned.

Sew up the 17″ edge (a straight stitch would be fine but I used a zig zag for extra strength) and finish the edge, I just cut with pinking shears:

Then sew one short side closed and finish the edge:

Now with the short sewn side on top, bring the long seam to the front center and fold into a triangle shape.  You will have two triangles of fabric with a straight fold on the inside.  Hard to explain but just do it and you’ll see how it works.  This is how you create a gusset:

Draw a 3″ line straight across the triangle.  This pic is a 2″ line, but I realized after the fact that a 3″ line is necessary to create the proper gusset for a wine bottle:

Lift up the top triangle and draw the same 3″ line on the bottom triangle:

Sew across the lines you drew:

Cut the tip of the triangle off above your sewn line:

Now turn your bag right side out.  Along the top edge, fold the fabric 1″ to thw wrong side and iron:

Then fold another inch and iron, then sew in place:

Turn your bag right side out and pin your strap in place at each side, with the seam centered in between:

Sew the strap on each side with a box shape like so:


Add a gift tag, a bottle of wine, and maybe a few pretty wine glasses.  Done!

Nice way to spruce up a simple gift right?  I want to go on a wine-drinking picnic right now.  But I will also need a snuggie because it’s way too cold for a wine-drinking picnic.



Patrick, Ashley, and Audrey

Ok….I know I'm obsessed when I start to dream about the bias tape maker! Seriously!…I dreamt about the BIAS TAPE MAKER! In my dream I was all giddy making tape and grinning from ear to ear! I woke up all warm with happy thoughts… then realized I am still ironing bias tape like some kinda chump!


Thank you for such an easy tute! I can totally handle this one and its such a great gift idea…no way anyone is getting one this year…but next year I am going to start making Christmas gifts in July.


thanks ladies! those glasses i picked up at anthropologie like ten years ago. totally a good buy, i feel so fancy whenever i whip them out. they usually have something similar in the store at all times. let me go to the anthro site now and get lost for hours…


Ok so what do you do with a wine bag after I'm not a wine drinker so I've never received a wine bag, but know lots that do, I just don't want to make something that they can't use again.


Thanks Jamie for directing me to the Anthropology website, now I will not be getting anything done this afternoon…


timmi – lady! you put more wine in it! lol, clearly i'm a wine drinker. you could also put a big water bottle in it 🙂


I hope someone brings me one of these with a bottle of bubbly post baby. There's nothing quite as exhilarating as sneaking booze in the hospital! I love the fabric choice.

Hannah's Toybox

I love the handle. So much cuter than just a plain fabric sack with a ribbon tied around it. Also, along the same lines (or maybe this comment belongs in the Christmas trees post?) I saw a cute wine "sleeve" for sale somewhere. I was made out of the sleeve of a thrifted sweater, and there was a teeny knitted scarf tied around it. The sweater sleeve had cuffs and buttons. I think you would just cut the sleeve off as long as you wanted and then sew it up straight across the bottom, preferably serged I'd think. Gift for mama (wine) and for kiddo (doll scarf), because what is better than knocking out two gifts with one.

Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13

Anthropologie-rumpled is now my new favorite phrase!

"Of course I didn't run out of time to iron my shirt, between packing a day-care bag, three lunches and managing to feed small people this morning– I'm simply rocking the anthropologie-rumpled look today."


Along with those Dixie cup-style wine glasses one can buy, this is one of the best ideas for wine gifting I've seen in the present-themed, holiday season blogosphere. I'll post a link on the Facebook page for our Wine Spectator-applauded 2006 Napa Valley Cabernet – I think a homemade bag would be perfect for gifting bottles of this fine, rich vintage. Thanks for the post!


I just made this cute little bag. I needed to make something quick to bring a bottle of wine over to family’s house for Easter! It was super quick, and it turned out great! Thanks!


Thanks! I used these instructions to make a gin cozy! I doubled the fabric with a contrasting color.



(I have to laugh – I thought everyone saying “tute” in their comment was misspelling “tote”. Hee-hee)

I saw this tote and thought it would make a great starting bag for my knitting projects where I’m using long needles. Or even just a great storage solution for long needles – just hang it up out of sight, but I’ll always have my needles together.


Just whipped one up then! Love it! So quick and easy, and a great gift idea!


Thank you so much for posting this pattern. I made one tonight as a hostess gift for a get-together with friends tomorrow – I bought the wine this afternoon but did not have a gift bag for it… found your pattern on line this evening and made it with scraps from my stash. So easy and it looks great! Thanks again.


Thank you for this. I have been looking at patterns for these all day. All were way too much for a simple project; I just wanted a quick one to make for some Christmas gifts. Yours will be perfect!


Thank you so much for this great tutorial! I just made my first wine bag using your instructions, and it worked just perfectly. I’m so excited to bring this unique gift to our friends’ housewarming!


Love this! I bought a bottle of wine for a friend and wanted to make it even more personal. 🙂 So I made this today! It’s not super stiff as it’s quitlting fabric, but it’ll be perfect to present to her! Thanks!


Quick tip – add an inch for champagne! It was a bit snug! A very easy pattern – I made 4 in a single afternoon!


I was confused by the instructions to turn it right side out twice in a row. Should the first cuff folding happen before turning it right side our?


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