How to Make Hand Stamped Cookies (the Lazy Way)

Last December I shared the Hey Baby Shower I threw for my BFF Mary. She’s since had her lovely baby (a girl!) and all is well in the world. One thing I made for the shower were these stamped cookie pops. It was so easy and fun to do, let me show you how…

Oh, and let me show you that fresh new baby!

How to Stamp Cookies

First you’ll need some clean stamps. I used these fun alphabet stamps that look like old typewriter keys ($5.99 from EK Success) but you can use any stamp, though i’d try to keep the design simple.

Then I made some sugar cookie dough and rolled it out between two sheets of parchment paper, then stuck it in the fridge to chill. You make your dough whatever way suits you, but this method rules.

Cut yourself some circles or whatever shape suits your fancy.

Insert sticks into the base of the cookie and bake them as your recipe calls for. I tried stamping directly into the cookie but it wasn’t looking as defined as I wanted so…

Then (omg, yes, sometimes I don’t make my own icing) I used some delicious and simple Wilton Cookie Icing (perfect for when you are just doing a one-color line and fill). If you want to know the right way to make your own, please visit our post How to Prepare Royal Icing.

So I used the icing to outline my cookie pops,

I’m not going to pretend I was at some Jacinda-level of neatness and skill with this. Perhaps I shall call my style rustic-cookie-chic? If you want to know the right way to do this, visit her post Decorating Royal Icing Sugar Cookies.

So then I filled in (flooded) the circles with icing and let them cool and ate several of them before they were cool and then was ashamed and then ate more to drown my shame in sugar and then licked the icing off my fingers.

Ok, so now that my icing is dry, I grabbed my stamps and an edible color marker. This could not be easier.

Just run the marker over the stamp a few times, then stamp your cookie. You want to be firm but not so hard you crack your icing up. Do a few practice cookies. Practice cookies are so delicious.

Continue with the stamping, re-inking with your marker before each stamp.

I tied each with a coordinating ribbon.

Then packed them into a shirt box for the drive.

Once at the party I assembled my awesome cookie/cupcakes stand from The Cupcake Tower and slipped the pops into the holes. Done!

Oh, hey baby!

Which do I want to bite more, the cookies or those cheeks? Definitely the cheeks.




I bet you could make it even faster if you taped HEY together and stamped the whole word at once. You would lose a bit of that uneven cuteness but if you were in a hurry it would help!

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