How to Make The Quickest Little Floral Crown of All

how to make a floral crownTo celebrate her 7th birthday, Clare invited a few friends on an adventure. An adventure which required floral crowns. Floral crowns that we could make fast and cheap, and cute of course!
how to make a floral crownHere’s how Clare and I busted through 5 floral crowns in about an hour, for under $3 each.

IMG_67771. Wrap floral wire around the crown of the kiddo’s head, or yours, whatever, floral crowns aren’t just for kids.

2. Cut a length of wire 2.5 times the circumference. Wrap the tail around the circle loosely, wrap both ends tightly around the circle to secure.


3. Cut a length of pretty silk flower garland to fit around the crown.

4. Starting at one end, use floral tape to wrap the floral garland to the wire. Leave branches loose like we did here or wrap them down for a tighter circle. Tip: stretch floral tape slightly as you wrap to make it sticky.

5. Get those little fingers working and wrap all the way around.


6. Make a bunch.
IMG_68017. Loop a handful of satin ribbon to the back.

8. Grab some friends and celebrate in style.

photo 1Happy 7th Birthday Miss Clare!



Nancy Saccoccio

I think I’ll make some to sell at the fair this summer. The flower wreathes with be wonderfully on trend for all those “Outlander lovers!


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