How to Sew A Kimono Cardigan from an Old Sweatshirt

Jaime and I love to sew when we get together! During my latest visit to LA, we made this video on How to Sew A Kimono Cardigan from an Old Sweatshirt, or in this case, 3 Kimono Cardigans from 3 $5 sweatshirts from Walmart. Scarlet scooped up her favorites and I brought this ruffled military-inspired version home for the girls. Once you realize how easy this is to make, you will want to make a bunch too. Then the fun of embellishing them begins.

kimono cardigan tutorialWe hope you enjoy this latest video tutorial. Be sure to head over to our You Tube channel and subscribe so you don’t miss our weekly video! And if you make one of these, please share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or on Instagram @prudentjacinda & @prudentjaime! Stay cozy!

kimono cardigan tutorial




Hi mitsi-we just cut extra strips of the navy sweatshirt material and sewed it all around the edge, pinching folds as we went. Jersey doesn’t unravel so it’s super easy to work with!


Love this idea for my girls! I am just finishing up the terry towel cover-ups for them, and this will be my next project! So thankful for your website and all your fun tutorials.


I watch the video for the kimono cardigan and knew I had to make it for my granddaughter. I found the sweat shirts and sweat pants on clearance for $2. I bought a purple sweatshirt to use for my granddaughter and found the inside looked like felted wool so I made the cardigan reversible (flat felled seams on the dark purple side) but, my grandsons (ages 4 & 5) decided they wanted one also. I knew the kimono wouldn’t be my first choice for them so using the basics from this pattern I managed to come up with a navy peacoat style as I punted all of the way. The boys were patient enough to go through the fittings. I have one more to make and my daughter-in-law would like a kimono cardigan. Thank you for this idea, I’m having fun and I love the repurposing. Love what your doing.


Not one of the “mamas”. Men sew, and have to sew for girls, too. And I will probably make this since it seems a neat re-use of my dying sweatshirts.


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