Jacinda’s Wishlist 2014

Jacindas Wishlist

Last week we kicked off our wish lists with Crafter’s Wishlist and For The Dudes, two subjects very close to my heart, now let’s shift gears to gifts for… MEEEEEE! Here are some of my own favorite items this holiday season… stuff I have and love, stuff I hear is amazing, and stuff I’m crushing on big time. Pretty stuff, useful stuff, and stuff that’s ideally a little of both. Enjoy the stuff!

Stalking #weaving on Instagram introduced me to more than some amazing hairstyles. Natalie Novak’s Combed Thunder shop features her beautiful wall hangings. I have a spot just waiting for this piece.

Rifle Paper Co now has gorgeous covers for the iphone6 and iphone6+ in addition to older models. I sprung for this pretty periwinkle version but this delicate lace cover is a stunner.

My feet haven’t had the best year so I’m always on the lookout for new kicks. No more high heeled boots for me, it’s all about the sneaks. I love these metallic slip on Vans.

Yes indeed I live in Texas and have a thing for Armadillos. This little cutie from West Elm saves my from investing in taxidermy.

Read on for more of my favorite things…This acacia wood serving platter’s raised edge makes it perfect for dishes like holiday antipasti and adds some rustic charm the table.

We are long-time fans of L.L. Beans high-quality duffle bags for their functionality but this plaid version has me lusting for their style. I’d love to fill this one with gifts for a holiday special delivery.

This Miru Faux-Fur Scarf from Anthro looks super cozy and can be dressed up or down depending on your schedule.

A have a few pieces of La Creuset in Dune and I love them so much, especially during these chilly months of braising and simmering. This cast iron fry pan, coated in black enamel is definitely on my short list.

These Smithfield Boots from Boden have caught my eye. I can’t stop thinking about them. THey would look great with some cuffed jeans and a slouchy sweater.

Sometimes a girl just needs something luxe on her list. For me it’s this kimono robe that visitors find in every room of the Hotel San José in Austin.

This Be Legendary Long-wear Lip Lacquer (tounge-twister) available in dozens of colors, is on regular rotation right now. So much glossy shimmer for this season’s best neutral lips.

At $17, this Juno Power NOVA Blox Aluminum Portable Battery Charger makes the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who’s phone needs a mid-day boost (eh, hem) I love it’s sleek gold block.

Shower singing entertainment provided by the Inventiv Bluetooth Shower Speaker. Bringing my Spotify into the shower has brightened my morning routine. This portable wireless speaker uses a suction cup to stick to the wall. It has a rechargeable battery, a built in mic to answer an incoming call and call back, and great sound.

No, I’m not adding a margarita to my list. Or am I? Hmn… But rather a subscription to Card Nest. A subscription provides you with beautiful and unique greeting cards delivered straight to your door. The designs are so cool. I’d love to always have a selection of fresh cards on hand.

I’m a bobbie pin kinda gal so these sparklers from Bando really pin my bun if you know what I mean?! I’d love to find a few of these in my Christmas stocking.

At $6 for three these metallic mini journals make a sweet gift for a bunch of your favorites, and hopefully I’m one of your favorites.

A print from artist Dolan Geiman would be oh so welcome on my wall. This horse print speaks to me in a folk art meets contemporary art meets Western art meets Victorian art way that is the perfect mix of all things that I love. It’s pretty perfect.

And lastly let’s add a fantasy item. This folding dining table would be perfect for small space dwellers who enjoy throwing the occasional dinner party. From designer Jamie Young and available from Lamps Plus, this table was inspired by folding campaign tables from the civil war.

Stay tuned for Jaime’s list to come!


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