Jersey and Wool Felt Stocking

December 7th is quickly approaching which means the deadline for the Put a Serger in my Stocking Contest is drawing near. We have been putting all our old clothing to use with a Baby Onesie Christmas Stocking and a Recycled T-Shirt Stocking. If you don’t have a piece of clothing you are ready to part with no worries, you can always pick up a bit of jersey at your local fabric store like we did here. This stocking is easy to make and perfect for someone who is just starting out using jersey/knit fabrics. Learn to make this classic Christmas stocking after the jump…

If you are new to jersey/knit fabrics don’t feel intimidated just check out Sewing with Jersey 101 for a beginner rundown to tackling these stretchy fabrics.

To begin this stocking endeavor print and cut out Jaime’s Free Christmas Stocking Pattern. I cut out two pieces of wool felt and two pieces of navy cotton for the inside facing.

Next, trace out a zigzag border pattern on a piece of paper, pin it to the jersey fabric and cut it out. Make sure to go slow since the jersey is so stretchy.

Lay out the cut fabric onto the stocking and position it exactly where you want it.

A walking foot works great when sewing down knits. Sew down the jersey layers to the wool felt. Sew at the top of each layer so that the next layer will cover the seam.

Cut three strips of fabric (I used the same ones I used to make the zigzag pattern) to make a braid.

Pin the fabrics together and start braiding.

Super quick and easy to make.

Pin the braid to the left edge of the stocking.

Leave a little bit of room (about 3/4 inch) of fabric at the top since you will be folding that down later.

Lay the braid out to get an idea of what it will look like completed but do not sew the complete braid down.

Sandwich the braid between the two pieces of wool felt stocking and pin.

Sew it all together.

Flip it right-side-out, tada!

Cut the excess braid fabric on the inside.

Sew together the two cotton stocking pieces for facing and place it inside the wool stocking. Line up the seams. Adding facing will make the stocking sturdier and hide those bulky seams.

Pin down the excess 3/4 inch of fabric at the top of the stocking and fold it over the facing.

Sew all around. You are almost done!

Decide how long you want your braid to be and sew down the end to secure it.

Hand stitch the braid to the top of the stocking.

Leave about 6 inches of excess braid. Use about 3 inches to make a loop. Sew it down nice and tight. I used a zigzag stitch to secure mine.

Hand sew on some bells or tassels to the end for a hint of sparkle.

Hang up your stocking and start counting down the days until it gets filled with wonderful Christmas treats.

Feeling inspired? You still have time to enter the Put a Serger in my Stocking Contest for a chance to win a Brother 523 PRW Serger.


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