Kittens & Champagne

This week was more fun than a basket of kittens! Partly because we got A BASKET OF KITTENS! You can hear THAT story in the video above. As Colleen said, it’s like you have three babies for when your human babies are asleep. Um, perfect, just what I was looking for! But no really, I like them… A lot. Like I suddenly understand cat ladies.


But other awesome things happened this week. Read on for all of our adventures while Colleen was working in the Dallas office!

Straight from the airport, I took Colleen on an errand to a taxidermist to drop off an elk rack which I had acquired at a flea market.I’ve never had a meeting with a taxidermist so I was a little excited because I like eccentric people and drop taxidermists in the same fascinating category as morticians. In reality, this taxidermist was a bubbly book-keeper named Beth who invited us to meet up at her day job which it turns out was at a OBGYN office. I was disappointed that we wouldn’t get to see any deer heads or stuffed fox but I was wrong… because they were right there… in her office.

I’m all about giving my out-of-town guests a unique Texas experience.

Then we did some really top-secret stuff like work on the Pretty Prudent Home book.

colleen nook But took lots of kitten breaks.


On Wednesday Amber came back to work only 3 weeks after having sweet Beckett (because I begged/text-harrassed her.) I was tempted to crawl into the book nook and spoon with them but I need her to come back because I need help!

beckett AMBER

Speaking of needing help, We are hiring one amazing studio assistant in our DFW (Keller) Texas office. If you have basic crafting and sewing skills, a good eye for design, are available to work on-site 2-3 days a week between 9&3 & are looking to build a career in publishing or design, you are our gal! (or guy, whatevs) Shoot me an email at jacinda(at)prettyprudent(dot)com with your resumé or a paragraph or two about why you are perfect for this gig.

kittens & Champagne

if you needed further convincing that this job would be amazing, I have kittens and champagne.  (Photo by Colleen)

Last night we went to the Texas State Fair. Thanks Chevy for the invite!

We got lost a few times because our navigator can’t read but we still had fun.

gordon ferris wheel

Tomorrow I pick up my mom and drop Colleen off at the airport. Life is busy and fabulous and full of kittens!




Thanks for keeping the tired eyes and the boob out of the picture! Wish I could have gone to the fair with y’all! I will go today and eat extra fried food as punishment.


You looked gorgeous but yes, I will keep the boob shots for my own personal collection. Also yes, your penance is one fried turkey dinner, one fried frito pie, one fried oreo, a fried margarita and a funnel cake with the topping of your choice, this isn’t a dictatorship after all.


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