La Dolce Vita!: Jaime & Jacinda’s Italian Wedding Adventure

This is a beautiful story of two friends and busy mamas who somehow manage to convince their husbands to hold down their respective forts while they soar off to Italy for countless prosecco, dozens of cappuccinos, hours of unintentionally aimless driving, several gelatos and one breathtaking wedding. It’s a happy story, so happy that it might make you smile like this if you’re not careful…

Or flop dramatically on the most pristine white bed that has never been tainted by sticky baby fingers…You’ve seen the movie, now hear the story of Jaime and Jacinda’s Italian adventure. We wish you all a memorable trip with your BFF and if it happens to be to Italy, we recommend it go something like this…

Meet on the rooftop of the Continentale in Florence. Make new friends, sip some bubbles and nosh on olives.

Later in the evening, be sure to run in the pouring rain and gobble up some late night pizza. You’re in Florence, you must eat pizza.

The next morning, wake up at your leisure and find your way to the most lovely cappuccino you have every laid upon your lips.
Stroll the streets and pick up some tiny original watercolors for 1 Euro each.

Find your way up, up, up to Piazza Michelangelo to look out at the city…

and out at the countryside.

Find your way back to town and join up with a Walks of Italy Food and Wine Tour. Let Giuliana fill your belly with tasty morsels from her authentic Florentine kitchen and Tony introduce you to the beautiful Brunello.
Fall in love with the Florentine Bread Salad and search out some more at the quaint hidden Osteria Del Porcellino.

Explore some more and work up a appetite for dinner at Ristorante Oliviero with new pizano and tour guide superstar, Fadi.Take in the character of the city.

Be amazed by the Santa Maria Novella Farmaceutica, the first known pharmacy in history, started by monks in 1612. Buy rose liquor to recreate delightful rose and prosecco cocktails at home.

Take a moment to admire the art and the history of Florence.

Decide that it’s a brilliant idea to rent a car to drive to a villa in Umbria even though everyone has warned you not to drive in Italy. For the record, it’s easy to drive in Italy, so easy that before you know it, you may have driven six hours when you only needed to drive two.

Todi. 3 hours out of the way but looking so lovely from the window of a no-longer-charming convertible Fiat.

Arrive at the stunning Palazzo Terranova and decide that it was all worth it.

Meet up with more of the best kind of friends like Erin and Sherri.

Lounge by the pool, sip something ice cold, try your hand at plein air painting and laugh until your belly hurts with the best friends a girl can find.

Get fancied up and get chills while you wait for your lovely friend, bride Kate, to make an appearance.

She is perfection, of course. Openly weep over the music, the dress, the love and the view. Pat yourself on the back for knowing this was an experience worth any price.
Wipe your tears because it’s time for some crazy fun!
But keep yourself looking sharp because the incomparable SharkPig is there to record all of your crazy shenanigans and turn it into art.
Don’t forget to sample the fine Italian delectables, you will need your energy.
Make a wish upon a stone for the bride and groom and secretly for yourself, that you remember every amazing moment of this day and this trip.
Make your way back to Florence for one last night. Try Japanese-Italian Cuisine and pose for a photo with an Italian Jazz Band. Tuck in for a few hours at the Gallery Hotel Art. Part ways with a kiss over an early morning airport cappuccino. Arrivederci Jaime, I will remember this for always!



angela spenkelink

Oh my…. I am green of jeaulousy, in a good way though! I LOVE to go to Italy one day! Such pretty pictures and movie, I can now only dream and wish I was there, NOW and RIGHT AWAY!! Thank you for sharing!


Oh my goodness. Great recap – I wish I was there! Makes me miss Italy SOOO much. Those pictures are gorgeous!


What stunning pictures!!!! Italy is an amazing country! It made me wish I was there! Thank you so much for sharing!


Oh jeez, now I just want to get right back on a plane. I’m in tears… over how much i miss prosecco. I mean you.


What a great vacation! It must be a very different experience going with just friends and not family.


Thanks for sharing; both of you (and the bride) look amazing. Italy is my dream destination…someday i’ll get there too!


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