Last Minute Halloween Costume: Tippi Hedren in The Birds

Not sure what to be for Halloween yet? Here’s a last minute costume that’s easy to pull together and totally awesome: Melanie Daniels (as played by Tippi Hedren) in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

My friend Erin went as this one year, then I stole the costume from her a few years later (right after baby was born and I hadn’t quite pulled myself together yet). It took about three minutes to get the elements together and I had a great response at our annual halloween bash. This year my friend Anna (mom of adorable Niko that you’ve seen featured on Prudent Baby before) asked to borrow the get-up, so I forced her to pose for pictures as payment. All you need is an old dress, a blonde wig done up 60’s style (or your own hair), and some dollar store black birds.  Stick a few in your hair…

Glue a few to your dress…

Accessorize with some drips of fake blood (or a lip liner works just as well) and act spooked out all night long!

Think you might give it a try?



Pat V.

Oh,man, this is awesome! Especially the last photo. That movie really spooked me, back in the day. Thanks for sharing this.


OMG, Tippi Hedren is my cousin! She and my grandpa are first cousins, so we're 2 removed. Never thought to do this, since we've never tried to copycat anything she's done, but this really is great. Follow us on our blog (my bff) and I'll post up a few pictures of my grandparents with her. ~Ethne Hedren Denham


yeesh, I really wish I had a costume party to go to this year. I would wear this trick r treating, but I think it would freak out my two year old. Maybe I'll just wake up one morning this week wearing it and scare the tar out of my husband.


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