Let’s Go to Mexico…

I want to take you on a little vacation with me in this video. If you haven’t visited the Riviera Maya yet, push it the top of your list. Between Chichen Itza, the beaches of Tulum, the first Unesco World Heritage cuisine, and the year round warm weather, this area of Mexico down on the Yucatan Peninsula will steal your heart. A few recommendations – hire an anthropologist to guide you as you visit Maya ruins (Catherwood Travels can’t be beat, and I can now read Maya hieroglyphics – well at least I can read the calendar). I very much enjoyed the Blue Diamond in Playa Del Carmen, and cannot recommend Ana y Jose in Tulum highly enough. Definitely spend an afternoon on Cozumel taking an off-the-beaten path food tour with Cozumel Chef. Oh, and relax…




Fantastic video! Looks like a great trip. I’m wondering what kind of video camera you use?


I love the video, you did a great job. It made me remember again what a fun trip it was with all of you.


Awesome video! We were there last October and planned to do all those things you suggest but, alas, there was a hurricane and we were stuck in Cancun the entire week. I can’t wait to go back and really enjoy it…btw, we loved it so much, we are planning on moving there in a couple of years! LOVE IT!!!

Renee Pech

We just got back from 10 days on the Yucatan Peninsula – probably our favorite place in the world! We spent 5 days in Merida (inland) and 5 days in Tulum. I highly recommend visiting the Yucatan, especially those off-the-beaten-path kind of places (that’s where the best food is!). My boys (ages 2 and almost 4) keep asking when we’re going back!


i can’t wait to go back with my kid! such a great place for family travel. so glad you loved it! tulum is spectacular.

Rico Wasabi

What a wonderful video! We have posted it on our Facebook page to share with our fants.

Next time you’ve got to join us for a half day trip on the Caribe. Whether it’s fishing or snorkeling or just cruising down the coast it’s just one more thing to do while visiting this exotic coast.

Don’t forget we have the second largest reef system in the world! Whether it’s sea turtles or pelagic beasts like Blue Marlin and Sailfish there is something for everyone!

Our beaches are so special even the sand is “cool”! That’s right, it doesn’t burn your feet!

It’s a magical place!



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