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Genius idea – embroidery hoop chalkboard at The 3 R’s blog.

Make these beautiful coasters and get some basic stitching 101 over at Craftsnob.

Love this DIY wallpapered dresser at Blue Velvet Chair.

How to make this adorable embroidered anatomical heart bag and lots more cute links at petite hermine.

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Netflix tip: My friend got me hooked on this show, I watched 6 episodes in one night. Addicting. It’s called Downton Abbey and it originally aired on BBC. Can’t. Get. Enough. I heard a rumor that there will be another season.

If you are a blogger or are interested in becoming a blogger, Momoir is a great project that you should get involved in. It’s a helpful resource for sharing ideas, tips, and advice on things like how to get started, how to grow your traffic, and the general ups and downs of being a blogging mother. I’m going to be involved in it in some cool ways I’ll tell you about soon. Like Momoir on Facebook to be in the loop.

Oooo, pretty porcelein jewelry at generalvalentine.

Mini embroidery hoops, so cute, at whatnomints.

Pretty skirt from a pillowcase at While They Snooze.

Did breastfeeding make you feel depressed? Like, not ouchy nips depressed – we’re talking clinical, but only for a fleeting moment. Maybe you had D-MER? Check this interesting article on the newly discovered D_MER phenomenon by Heather Turgeon.

How to give yourself a quick pro-quality blowout at Parlor.

I want. Macki’s famous chicken and dumplings.

Good advice.

More of our blathering…
Do you need to use a car seat when traveling to the city? Weigh in.
Stairway to heaven?
The most beautiful bunnies.
Do you have a princess lover in your house? A little antidote to the princess myth.
Would you let your kid wear this?
Another chance to win a custom lovie portrait from First Friends.
A designer who shows off her children, and her style.
The bath time battle is over.
Are you an addicted mother? 10 signs.
Baby torture or useful product? You decide.

I am sending you all gallons of virtual champagne. Enjoy your weekends! Spring is here!



Tristin @ Two Girls Being Crafty

I love me some craft links but really appreciated reading the non-crafty "D-MER" article. I suffered terribly from post-partum depression and nursing issues–so while the D-MER phenomena is not one that I relate to specifically since my depression was constant, I still think that any time postpartum issue are talked about and studied it's a step in the right direction.

I mean, babies are great, but mommy carries around a lot of baggage once they come 'round. And I'm not talking about those pesky extra 5 pounds.

Blue Velvet Chair

Jaime and Jacinda – Thanks SO MUCH for the feature of the wallpapered dresser from my blog. It means alot to me, especially since I'm pretty new with the blogging after procrastinating for nearly 2 years! I've put your button on my page – you can see it in the right column at:

Thanks again for the blog hug!


Oh, I LOVE Link Love!! So many amazing ideas, and you make it so easy to find!! Thanks so much for taking the time to do all the searching work for me!!! I have a few things to make!!


Thanks for all the links! They're really interesting. The embroidery ones really make me want to try a little harder at improving my embroidery skills. I'd been meaning to cancel my Netflix this month but maybe I won't so I can watch Downtown Abbey. I appreciate you posting the article about D-MER. I'm not sure I'd have ever known about it otherwise and it's good knowledge to have so you can reassure a friend and tell her to get more information if she mentions having symptoms.


Uh…I don't know if I should thank you or not for getting me addicted to Downton Abbey now!! I have been bored with Netflix, so I checked the show out after you mentioned it. Yeah, I watched it all in two days. My husband asked if I had turned into an 80yr old woman when he came downstairs and found me on the couch with my aphgan, watching Masterpiece Classics. I'm not 80…but I do talk with a British accent in my dreams now…


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