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These rope pearly tapestries strike me kinda like an easier and more colorful version of my new obsession, macrame. They would have looked fab on my patio right? I think you could use this to DIY a rug too! Full tutorial at freepeople.

I know I’ve mentioned my love for doilies here on PB many times. I have a doily collection that grows with every trip to the flea market. To me they just feel like holding love in your hand – the attention and time some woman somewhere gave to that detailed creation, the peace it brough her to sit there crocheting it. I just adore them. But they just end up in a box in my office, because so many of my doily projects end up looking a little too shabby-chic for my tastes. Here’s one that hits the sweet spot, modern & timeless. And easy to do yourself! Get the tute for this amazing doily lamp at handmadeology.

Umm, hello, who knew you could make something so cute out of paperclips and string? I want these earring. Get the full tutorial at Evie S.

I adore this window treatment! So much easier than you would ever think from looking at it, and just the perfect adornment to turn a dormer window into a nook of beauty and awesomeness. Can you imagine a little tea party here, like you were in a French cafe?? Get the full DIY at Less-Then-Perfect Life of Bliss.

One of the cutest bag tutorials I’ve seen in a while, get the full scoop on how to make this retro duffel bag at Saltwater Kids.

This is so cool for any patio-re-doers out there, wish I had seen it sooner. How to make a solar powered light out of a jar. It’s like your own bottle of fireflies!

This is a fun handbag, even if you’re not a dungeons and dragons player (but especially fun if you are) at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

My mom used to make monkey bread when I was a kid. It was my favorite gooey breakfast treat. I still love gooey breakfast treats, but not as much as I used too. So this garlic parmesan pull apart bread recipe is just up my alley. Get it at The Pastry Affair.

I know we have many overseas readers, so I thought y’all might be interested in this super cool post in which Sara shows us how she converted her beloved 110-volt sewing machine when she moved to London, at Craft Snob.

Here’s a secret link to my book, Prudent Advice, for only $5. It’s for editions with like a bent corner or some such. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

As you know, we both write posts 5 days a week for Babble. Here’s what we were sharing this week…

  • Our favorite comment of all time. Like we literally had to talk to each other on the phone about how much we loved this comment and also to discuss our theory that has a sense of humor.
  • Sharing the source list and links for where to buy all the non-diy goodies from my patio redesign.
  • Rounding up 25 of the Cutest and Coolest Free Tutorials for Boy’s Clothing. Side note: with all the polite pleads for boy tutes we get, I was surprised to see that the round up of 25 free tutorials for girl’s dresses was about three times as popular. Which makes me wonder, have all the boy mamas given up hope? Don’t despair ladies! There is so much in there that you can make for those boys of yours that they will love! Capes, suspenders, jackets, vests, belts, lots of pants and shorts. You tell me what’s missing and I’ll go find or gosh darn it, I’ll make it myself.
  • Now that you are all ready to sew for your little dude, check out our round up of Ten Fabulous Fabrics for Boys.
  • Showing off baby Gordon’s DIY Nursery, decked out in the aforementioned fabric and a multitude of cute details.
  • Lest you think we have adandoned the girly girls, we’re sharing our daughter’s new favorite shoes, loving the combo of girlie cute and classic comfort: Hello Kitty Vans.
  • Rounding up our 15 Favorite Tea Party Sets, some to buy, some to DIY.
  • In case you missed it, Jacinda has decided to give Baby Led Weaning a try and is looking for some advice. Hey Jacinda, I want an update. I like the idea but I’m afraid I’d be too much of a nervous nelly. What do you think ladies? Tell Jacinda about it here.

We are often asked how we have the time to surf the web so much and find all of these lovely things to link too. Answer? We don’t. We use stumbleupon. It’s so fun. You tell it your interests (crafts, sewing, kids, etc) and it randomly shows you sites based on how much other people who share your interests like them. And the more you use it the more it learns about what you like, so you find cool stuff so much faster. I’m kind of addicted. If you want to follow us on it and share fave links and such, I’m here and jacinda is here.

Just for fun: A Pop Quiz. You already knew this fact, I’m sure, but scientists have finally given us conclusive proof. They conducted a study to find out what the most annoying sound in the world is. The results are in. Can you guess? Think about it for a sec and I’ll tell you after the jump…

Mothers around the world already know that the most annoying sound in the world is…

Whining. Worse than car alarms, sirens, and nails on a chalkboard. It doesn’t even have to be in your own language. Totally interesting, read about the study at Wired. And leave a comment telling us the truth – did you guess correctly? You still have a chance at this week’s Fabric Friday prize for favorite comment!




Hahahah, I definitely guessed it right. What gave it away, though, was that you said that mothers know the sound best. LOL!


You guys should really check out Pinterest. Its super fun, and you can "pin" pictures on it, so you can see your ideas later. It also links back to the site where you got it from, kind of like visual bookmarking. What's nice though, is that not only can you see other people's links and follow certain people, but if you happen to fine a killer shirt or dress that you want to make at some point in the future, even if the site it came from discontinues it and takes it off its page, you still have it 🙂 If you want an invite, ask and I will send!


Haha, I thought it was the nails on the chalkboard. Maybe because I just got a little girl who isn't yet big enough to whine 🙂 Boy whining doesn't sound quite so irritating to me I guess (we have 3)!

I agree about Pinterest! Super fun, like a giant bulletin board!


Aarrgghh!!! Whining. 🙁

Why do they learn it at such a young age? And how do they learn it? I don't whine at them!!!


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