Link Love

Stylish yet simple wrap dress pattern at Tiny Happy
Ruffle Peasant Dress Tutorial at Ta Da Creations
Poofy Fabric Flower How-to at The Adventures of Rory and Jess
Grow seedlings in baby food jars with The Girl 30

And more:
Have a picky eater?  Here are some “picky busters”
Tips for moms on easy yet stylish hair at Parlor: Diary of a Hairdresser. I need!
I love ric rac…cute DIY ric rac flower pillows at Oh, Hello Friend
The existential sadness of lonely Jon always makes me laugh at Garfield Minus Garfield
A sweet tea screen print giveaway at The Design Pocket
Girl reversible pinafore dress pattern at The Stuff I Live For
DIY for a first communion or wedding veil at Tadaa Studio
And a sweet little bubble dress pattern at Made by Lex



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