Link Love

4th of July weekend got the best of us (classy*), so here’s a sloppy link love.  We’ll be back to form next week.  Maybe.
-this circus wedding makes me want to get married all over again. which is saying A LOT. no honey, i’m kidding, love you…
-i am sure you guys all already read notmartha but if you don’t you should…
-maybe you saw this going around facebook. it’s very illuminating-“drowning doesn’t look like drowning” – the signs that a kid is drowning are not what i thought they were.  definitely read it here...
-cooking with my kid making me look bad with her healthy baked donut version of apple fritters….
-hilarious felt baby Princess Leia hat
-This series on memory was so fascinating i stayed up into the wee hours of the morning reading the whole thing in bed on my iphone.  at Slate.
-this ad campaign is good.

And here are some tutorials readers sent in for us to share with you:
Amazing & unique men’s shirt into dress at Pear and the Babes
Zipper Rosettes at a Stitch in Lime
Toddler Pants with Shirred Ankles at Arm Candy for You
A round beach blanket with an umbrella hole from Sew Home Grown
Lamp re-vamp at Twenty Fingers Twenty Toes

*why yes, that is a giant inflatable pool in my driveway and I love it don’t judge me.




Love the "link love" idea! I always find the coolest sites so I guess I should start sharing them!! Thanks for the recommendations!


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