Make Embroidered Mason Jar Labels

Here’s my entry into our Borderline Brilliant contest (in which we are giving away a Brother PE500 embroidery machine): Mason jar “labels.”

I thought embroidering a label with the date the mason jar was packed and a cute design would be a fun way to perk up some fall hostess gifts (like these pickled tomatoes). If I stopped by your house, would you like it if I brought something like this, or would you just roll your eyes at me? Ha. It was so easy, check it out…

For this project I used a free pattern for the tomato, which I found online awhile ago when i was collecting free vegetable embroidery patterns. I hooked up my laptop to my brother embroidery machine (the PE500 also offers this capability) and imported the file (PES format).

I used a font from the machine and the embroidery edit function to move the words and date around. I also used a circle frame from the machine with a scalloped edge, which is my favorite shape of the moment.

Then I let the machine work its magic, stopping to change thread colors for each piece of the design.

Once it was all sewn up, I removed my tear-away stabilizer, trimmed my threads, and tied the embroidered label around the mason jar with baker’s twine. I had originally planned to remove the ring from a jar, place the label over the lid, then screw the ring back on, but then i realized that these particular jars did not have rings, oops!

So… now that these pickled tomatoes are gussied up, I guess that means I really do have to give them away, doesn’t it? must… stop… eating… pickled… tomatoes…



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