Makeup Washcloth

I hate when I go to wash my makeup off and my white towels get all nasty (not that us Hot Mess Mommies are wearing that much makeup, but anyway). So I was super excited when the Ace Hotel started stocking the rooms with black washcloths that said “makeup” on them. No, I didn’t steal them.

Since my mom is a master embroiderer, I picked up some black washcloths and asked her to make me some. These were $1.50 each! I think they’ll make super cute stocking stuffers. This is more a suggestion than a DIY….so buy some black washcloths, embroider the word “makeup” on them, and never worry about ruining your towels again!

Genius right? Thanks mom!

Leave a comment with your thoughts/best makeup removal tips and you might win that tacky pack of fabric glues!




these are awesome and I really wish I knew someone who embroiders. I've found that baby wipes actually remove makeup pretty well, and well, let's face it….I've got baby wipes coming out of my ears these days, so they're always handy! ๐Ÿ˜‰


I am making these for stocking stuffers!!! Thank you for the great idea!!! I like to use vitamin E oil to remove eye makeup since it is so rich and moisturizing and helps with the crows feet (which I know you don't have ;o) ). I had an idea. . . what if you made a little mitten with the black wash cloth (an djust leave a hole where your thumb would go) and then embroider "makeup" at the base. Just a thought. Thanks again. . . must go purchase black washcloths.


I need an embroidery machine now :o). I am also a baby wipes user for make up removal (for whatever is left on my face after a long day of being slobbered on and climbed on among other things.)


Good idea Andrea! Let's brainstorm how we can all get embroidery machines. Brother Social Media Director… are you listening?


OMGosh thank you so much for this post!!! I was looking for some little things to add in with my Christmas gifts of solid lotion bars and this is perfect!!!

Oh and I am a baby wipes user ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gina B.

Great gift idea. I won't be needing one, because, as my four year-old daughter pointed out: "Mommies don't wear make-up. Only grandmas and babysitters wear make-up."


Great idea! Much nicer than the "Butt/Face" embroidered towel my mother-in-law gave us. (I kid you not, she actually gave us that towel along with a tin sign that says "Beer: Helping ugly people get laid since…" I'm too embarrassed to take them to Goodwill!


maybe this is a little silly to point out.. but for those of you without embroidery machines, why don't you just use the plain black face cloth? Sure, the word "makeup" on the cloth is cute, but totally unnecessary. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you are giving them as gifts, just make a cute tag that says "makeup" and tie or pin it to the cloth.



Hey, will your mom make me some? they are great! my friend owns a bed and breakfast and uses the black wash clothes for her guests, I’d love to give some to her for a hostess gift.


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