Monogrammed Hair Clip: Part 2

Last week we had a family photoshoot with Angela Richardson from AMR Photography. She was amazing and helped me prepare for the shoot in every way, from make-up suggestions to wardrobe consultation. We decided on a yellow, gray and blue color palette including this little dress for Quinn. It was pretty on it’s own but since it was store-bought, I felt it needed a handmade touch.

Love, love, love these shots

Coincidentally, I was also itching to play with my new Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine, so I took the opportunity to update the DIY Monogrammed Hair Clip.

In the end it was a cold, windy and muddy morning (here is Quinn behind the scenes in a cozy blanket) so she wore a gorgeous little denim jacket belonging to the photographers own little girl. The clip didn’t show in many of the shots but since Quinn will be wearing this dress for Easter, it will make a second appearance!

Read more to learn how to make this Monogrammed Clip.

1. First I placed stabilizer and some bright yellow wool felt in my embroidery hoop.

2. Then I created the monogram art on-screen. An “A” and a “Q” with a fancy border.

3. I threaded my machine with some gorgeous Pacesetter Embroidery Thread. And let the machine work it’s magic. You can also hand-embroider, of course.

4. Trim the felt (& stabilizer) into a circle, using the border as a guide.

5. Cut a second circle the same size for the back.

6. Attach your clip or pin to the back. Cut a slit like I did below, hot glue or sew in place.

7. Collect your trims. I used a strip of silver tulle 2″x12″ and a few spotted feathers.

8. Gather the tulle into a layered bunch.

9. Sew back n forth along bottom edge. Use thread that matches your clip for goodness sake.

10. Arrange your feathers or other fun trim and sandwich in-between felt layers.

11. Sew arrangement securely to back layer of felt. You could also hot glue. Hot glue hurts so much.

12. Add top layer and sew around entire edge directly over decorative border stitching.

13.  Trim back layer of felt and stabilizer so it doesn’t show from front.

And that’s it! Doesn’t it add a unique touch to the dress? How do you feel about monograms? People seem to either love ’em or hate ’em. I’m on the fence in general but this one really works for me. What do you think? Your comment could win you the PDF Art Caddy Tote from Gingercake.




I love this embellishment! Makes me wish for a fancy embrodiery machine. We have the same yellow and gray dress. I've been trying to decide what color shoes would go best with it. Gonna go back and look more closely at your photos.


Those are so cute. You have probably already said somewhere and I missed it, but what fabric are the dresses from. Also is the pattern your own or from someone else. They are very cute.


So sorry read closer about the dress. If only I would pay attention I wouldn't look so silly. πŸ™‚ The clips are really cute I love the feather.


I am LOVING this clip!!! I want one for ME! I think I may have to squeeze in some time to do this before Easter. How sweet would my daughter and I be with matching feathered clips?! I could even make my hubby one for his lapel….ha! not so sure he'd sport a feathered lapel pin, but it's a nice thought. πŸ˜‰


LOL My name is Angela Richardson when I read the first line I was like "I did what?" Anyway I LOVE this monogram. What a nice personal touch to add to her outfit. P.S. now I want an embroidery machine thanks alot!

Tonya Lynn

I would have to say that I'm on the fence as well. While I love this tone on tone look so that the monogram doesn't seem to be the focal point I'm not sure if I would love this in a contrasting color as it would be more apparent. (If that made sense at all?!? – I have been up all night thanks the an exam that is about to 'kill' me so I'm not sure if I am able to accurately convey my thoughts or not.)

Anywho, I think it's uber cute and may try to hand-embroider something on Saturday for my nieces and maybe try to make a bow-tie for my nephew.

Vitty's mom

I love it! just a tip for saving fabric:) before stitching under the layout tab ,,, instead of centering the embroidery item,,,, shift it to one of the corners top or bottom:) and you will have more useable fabric left over:)


LOVE monograms. I haven't mastered the embroidery function of my Brother SE-400 yet. An embroidery program like you used would make designing my work soooo much easier than using the basic designs loaded on the machine!


Jennifer-I just used an existing font and a pre-loaded border. Nothing custom!

Vitty's Mom-good point! This is the closest it would let me move to the edge. I was thinking that next time I would use just a scrap of felt with adhesive stabilizer but I would rather save the stabilizer than the felt. : ) HA!

K. Fox

When I was single, I didn't really like monograms and definitely never felt tempted by monogrammed robes, etc., but now that I'm married with a baby and another on the way, I don't know… They've grown on me. Maybe it's an increased need to individualize or maybe I've just seen more projects like this one that show fun and subtle ways to monogram! I'm really into them now for my boy and have definitely caved when it comes to single letter Christmas tree ornaments. I'm definitely craving an embroidery machine now, by the way. Way to add yet another gadget to my list!


I always thought, that the monogram for school clothes or for clothes for boys/men, but to girls…
But it is very beautiful, pleasure for eyes

Lee Ann

I love monograms and personalized things. I was a nerdy little girl with my monogrammed turtlenecks! πŸ™‚ And now since I just got a Singer sewing/embroidery machine, I will probably put something on a lot of things!! πŸ™‚


I love this πŸ™‚ I'm ok with monograms if they're used in the right way. If you have them all over your house then that is bad lol


I'm also on the fence about monograms. When we lived in Mississippi, I felt like people there WAY overdid it. But the occasional monogrammed accessory, like this (which is artfully executed, may I add), can add some great charm. I'm not usually a fan of yellow, but pairing it with gray is a stroke of genius.

Shelly - Dragon's Dolphin

I love monograms–only trouble is, when clothing is passed down to the next child–the monogram no longer works. I'd never thought of using hair clips for things for monograms. I may have to try that for my granddaughters. Thanks for the tutuorial and ideas!


I love all things monogrammed!! My baby girl thinks that her clothes aren't complete without "my letters" on them:)

:o) mg

I am a huge fan of a monogram… so much so that I bought an embroidery machine with all kinds of projects in mind. Turns out that I do a lot of monogramming for others, but STILL don't have a set of monogrammed sheets for my bed. :/


Eeeek! I absolutely love it – I bought this dress for my daughter to wear for pictures, too, a few weeks ago. Too late for the pictures, but I think I can make this happen by Easter…!


Taylor-I love it so much! And I haven't even tried an applique on it yet, which I suspect is going to push me over the edge into euphoria. It's heavenly.


oh and they sell the feathers at Michaels & joann for like $2. It's a pack of multi-color spotted feathers. THey don't look so pretty in the bag.


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