More Rich Jam Muffins

Jacinda’s recipe for Rick’s Rich Jam Muffins is a Prudent Baby favorite.  I just wanted to tell you that this weekend, along with my tried and true Tangerine Vanilla Bean Marmalade version, I tried some with Grape Jelly, some with Red Pepper Jelly, and a few with Olive Tampenade, and whether sweet or savory, they were all yummy!

I added a little dollop of the filling to the top of each so I could see what was inside them later.  These are simple, quick, and a good way to sneak some type of fruit-based food into your baby’s belly.  If you’re evil like me, you can tell your child they’re cupcakes and congratulate yourself when she believes you!

I served them in a Vintage Lace Bowl wrapped in a Ric Rac Napkin to keep them warm.  Get the Rick’s Rich Jam Muffins Recipe here!




I wish I had a grape one right now. That sounds so yummy. And they look gorg all dolled up in Prudent Baby DIY!


I do love these muffins, but I have to double to sugar in them because otherwise they just don't do it for me. I definitely need to make them with cupcake liners next time though because they always make such a sticky mess in my muffin tin!


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