Most Popular Posts of 2010

What a lovely year, I have to admit I’m a little sad it’s coming to a close. But we took a look back at our most popular posts of the year, and that has cheered me up.  Some of the news surprised us (white trash bbq anyone?) and some did not (Silhouette Giveaway, hello). Take a look at the most popular Prudent Baby posts of the year, and tell us, were these your favorites? Or was there another? We can’t wait to read the comments on this one.

1. Snappy Toddler Top & Free Downloadable Pattern

2. DIY “Pillowcase” Baby Dress Pattern

3. White Trash BBQ

4. Adorable DIY Ear Warmers

5. DIY Nap Mat/Bed Roll


7. How to Make Bias Tape

8. Decorating Royal Icing Sugar Cookies

9. Beginner’s Bias Tape Bag with Free Downloadable Pattern

10. DIY “Pillowcase” Dress – Part 2: with Bias Tape

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I would have to say it's very hard to choose! I've enjoyed so many of your posts, but I think the fabric flower hair clip. I've used it a lot (never for a clip). I used felt to add red flowers to a black and white dress jacket. Felt to make a ponytail holder. I'm going to use scraps to make a flower for a hat I just crocheted. Simple, quick and practically free=)


I love the nap bedroll. My daughter is starting kindergarden next year and this will be the perfect "back to school" gift for her!


I love my two boys, but every time I get on this site, I wish I had a girl! But we only have little boys in this family (nephews, too!! No nieces!!) All the little girl clothes are so cute! Favorites on this list- snappy toddler top and the ear warmers (I made myself some! Unfortunately, thought I had a larger cranium than I do and they slip down a bit, but they are cute and I wear them all the time anyway!) Favorites on the site- where do I begin? Crayon roll!! I have been eyeballing them for a year and it was nice to finally have some instructions instead of my fly by the seat of your pants ones that I made up! (I have issues measuring….)


Oh and as for the white trash bbq, I can't believe that I'm admitting this- but we went to my MIL on Christmas Eve and dinner was actually McDonalds.


I want to do ALL your tutorials, but I've really appreciated the bias tape tutorial the most. It has SAVED me, when in the middle of a project and unable to purchase the premade stuff. Now I doubt I'll ever purchase premade again since customizing it is so much more fun. (I even bought one of the tools to feed it through for ironing.)

I've made the snappy toddler top as a dress, and gotten SO many compliments on it. I can see making many more in the future.


I made the snappy toddler top and the bias tape tutorial has changed my life! Now I'm happy to say that my homemade gifts get a much different reaction now days. It's gone from, "Oh, thanks" to, "You made this?!"


I'm surprised the homemade marshmallow post didn't make the top ten just from me checking it a million times between when it was posted and last night. Instead of visions of sugarplums, marshmallow concoctions danced in my head this Christmas. I've made plain, peanut butter, peanut butter with chocolate chips, curiously strong peppermint (oops, I though peppermint extract could be measured like vanilla), mint chocolate chip (which is excellent in hot cocoa), almond, lemon, and honey marshmallows. My favorite was the rum batch, but that's cause I made it on day 4 of my mother-in-law's 5 day rein of terror).


The Nap Mat post led me to Prudent baby. I want to make it so bad, It got me excited about sewing even more. With that said How to make Bias tape I have come back to often its very useful.


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