Moonrise Kingdom Date Night: What Kind of Bird Are You?

Remember on Friday I’m in Love when I told you all about my boyfriend and I trying out themed date nights? Well, the first one was Moonrise Kingdom and it was a hit, a disaster, and then a hit again….

We kicked off the night with a delicious meal he made and quickly got to decorating. Since we didn’t have the vinyls used in the movie, we rocked out to a little Bob Dylan and Velvet Underground. I live in a loft which is not always the easiest when trying to make a tent, so I made a mock one out of blankets. Then, we made a giant comfy bed on the floor filled with blankets and pillows. We filled a picnic basket with tasty S’mores and hot chocolate for dessert. The finishing touch was our homemade chalkboard “I (heart) You” sign with origami heart.

What is the disaster you ask? After all the preparation, we plopped down on the floor, turned on the iTunes rental we downloaded and…surprise! It didn’t work. To be continued…

Night #2: We finally got it to work and watched Moonrise Kingdom not only once, but three times through! To top off the Moonrise Kingdom Date Night I made a Suzy Bishop (as the raven) costume for Halloween. He was not so much into shaving off his beard to be a 12-year-old khaki scout for a night.

Our couples costume theme was “dark-winged creatures of the night.”

Any suggestions for the next themed date night we should do?



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