Nap Mat/Bed Roll: Part 3.5

It’s nap mat season again! Can you believe it?
Since Quinn is joining big sister at school this Fall, she needs a bed roll of her own.

I followed the original nap mat tutorial with the addition of Ouinn’s embroidered name. If you would like instructions for a removable pillow, follow Jaime’s tutorial. If your daughter loves her mat so much that she wants one for her doll, check this out.




I love your bed rolls! But alas, am not brave enough to make one yet! My Atticus is starting kindergarten tomorrow, so I took one of those Kindermats, made a big red flannel pillowcase for it, a flannel robot pillow and a rag edge quilt with red, blue, orange and robot flannel. I tucked it all in a 99 cent TJ MAXX "Save the Children" reusable bag. Atticus loves it!


Sarah! I absolutely love that you chose Atticus for your sons name! I was going to name my Joseph Atticus, but alas, I was paranoid about him being picked on, so he became, Joseph Atticus. Glad you were more brave than I!


Okay, Quinn's hair in that last photo . . . I covet, I want! SO CUTE! Sadly, my hair is dark, straight, and not baby-fine-in-a-good-way. But, oh, that photo is divine!


I just found your site searching how to make a bow tie. LOVE IT! Added you to my reader. Excited to explore the archives and see what's next!


I really love these. I was actually looking at the ones they were selling at Joanns yesterday and then said to my husband "I could make one of these on my own" – and here you are!! Might need to tackle that some time!

Fran Watson

I am looking for the instructions for the nap mat. Do you still have them?

Christine Goodness

I still can’t find the original nap mat tutorial and it is exactly what I need for my granddaughter starting kindergarten. Pretty please, can you help?


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