New Reversible Baby Bib with Free Pattern Download!

Our DIY’s for the Pocket Bib and Tie-Back Bib seem to be useful for you, but I know some people feel better with an actual template to work with.  So I present this Reversible Scoop-Neck Bib with downloadable pattern! make one for your husband:

Get the full DIY and Free Downloadable Baby Bib Pattern after the jump…

Baby Bib Free Pattern w/Downloadable Bib Template

1.  Download our free Reversible Baby Bib Pattern, print it and cut it out:
Prudent Baby Bib Free Pattern

2.  Wash & iron your fabric, fold it and trace the bib pattern on the wrong side.  You’ll need two pieces as well as a 40″ piece of double fold bias tape.

3.  Pin your two bib pieces right sides facing

Sew along the bottom edge all the way around.

4.  Turn your bib right side out and iron it flat.  Top stitch around the bottom edge in coordinating thread, or maybe a contrasting thread that matches your bias tape like I did:

5.  Fold your pieces of bias tape in half to find the middle:

Note that one side of your bias tape is slightly longer then the other.  You want that side on the bottom while you’re sewing so your stitches are sure to grab both edges.

Unfold the bias tape and using the shorter edge, align the inside of it with the edge of your bib and pin the center in place:

Continue to pin all around, but instead of allowing the bias tape to gather, allow your bib to curve, this will make it curve nicely around baby’s body:

Sew in place along the fold in the bias tape:

this is what it looks like from the other side:

6.  Now fold the bias tape over the unfinished edge and pin it in place from the top:

Double check it is nicely aligned on the other side and covers your previous stitches:

Making sure the shorter edge of the bias tape is on top, sew close to the edge of the bias tape all the way from one end of the tie, across the front of the bib, to the other end:

See how we caught both sides just right?

Tie the ends of the bias tape in knots and trim.




These will be perfect little drool catcher bibs for Quinn. She is a slobbering mess these days, just like her mother.


Carleton Curtis added this morning. never want to miss a chance to increase the page ranking of embarrassing prudent baby pics in google searches for him.


I post this link on my site's I love every crafts that you make, this site is very inspirational as for me as working mom who's looking for something to do that I like after a long week from work.

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."
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Meg Baxter

I make these all the time but really struggle with my machine jamming while running the stitches strictly through the thin bias tape (on eithe rside of the bib). Any suggestions? I figure it's a tension thing but I honestly don't understand the machine well enough to know whether it needs more or less or what! Help!

Melanie M

aww, the pattern has been removed?! Is it located elsewhere to download? email?


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