New Years Fancy Feather Hair Clips!

Scarlet, myself, and Grandma (who had kindly volunteered to babysit tonight) have all come down with a cold, so we’re staying in. I thought I’d spice up our cozy new years with some fanciful dress-up.  Scarlet loves anything that matches mommy (see the mom and daughter aprons) so I made us up some easy peasy bright and fancy feather hair clips.
Totally fun, you just need some fabric, feathers and hot glue.  And personally I would totally wear this on a regular day to like the dry cleaner and grocery store as part of my hot mess mommy get up, why not.

Get the mommy-daughter feather hairclip how to after the jump

1.  Assemble your stuff.  I used some old bendy hairclips, a bag of colorful feathers(or get yours off a duster or a turkey), hot glue and some felt and fusible web.  You can skip the fusible web if you want but if you have it, it does help hold the shape:

2.  Cut out your shape in the felt.  A teardrop shape works well on heads.  I cut out a big one for me and a smaller one for her, then i cut the same shape out of some pink fabric for the top:

3.  If you are going to use fusible web, place it on one fabric:

the other on top:

then iron them to fuse.  I used Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick Fusible Web and that gave it just enough heft.

4.  Assemble your feathers, starting with the top row.  Do it now before gluing so you have an idea what it will look like.  Once you have it the way you want it, take it apart in little piles so you can re-glue it in order.

5.  Start with the top row and glue them on, use plenty of hot glue, the feathers hide it well:

then the next row:

and the next:

and the next:

and on the last one be careful with your glue so it doesn’t show:

6.  Now we are going to glue it to our hair clip.  I put a piece of tape over the bottom skinny part of the clip so i could peel off any stray hot glue and still open my clip.  Glue it on while the clip is closed so you get a nice rounded shape.

Yay! These would look really cute on a little comb or a headband too!



Mrs B

love them, they are adorable but where did you find the feathers? i have a hobby lobby & michaels as far as craft stores go and could only find feathers that are on long floral pics for making wreaths and they were not nearly as pretty as those… Thanks!!!


i got them at micheal's! they were with the boas and dress-up stuff. but you can also get them on amazon if you click on the word feathers in step 1!

Mrs B

awesome, i'll have to look again when i'm there, i was looking with floral stuff because that's where the peacock feathers are at hobby lobby that i use for the rosettes i make. thanks so much!!!


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