Nook with a Book: Ramona’s Sweet Nest

book and nook

We are 1.5 weeks into Summer and doing well on our mission to keep up with our reading. I love to read and I’m hoping to share my passion for books with the kids. One trick I’ve found to get them into reading is to provide a comfortable spot in our home with plenty of light, snacks, and a bit of quiet. The last is not always so easy with three kids! My love of books (and book nooks) gave me the idea that I should share a few of my favorite people’s favorite reading spaces here on Pretty Prudent, and then a few of their favorite books.

First up I have one of Quinn’s besties, Miss Ramona Wills’ beautiful reading swing. Ramona’s mama Amber (Wills Casa) is a former elementary school teacher who knows a thing or two about inspiring kids to read, and designing a beautiful space in which to do it.

Ramonas-Room-45 Nook and a book

Ramona is going through her Elephant & Piggie stage. Our favorite was always There is a Bird on Your Head. But I do not WANT a bird on my head. hahaha. Those two crazy kids have such a cute and funny friendship.
Head on over to Wills Casa for a full tour of Ramona’s Room with tutorials on those curtains and the knitting needle wall hanging. It will not disappoint. And if you want to check out more of 5 year old Ramona’s favorite books, check out How I Became a Pirate and any of The Froggie Books. But seriously, why do all kids love those torturous froggie books so much?

Book with a nook



Amber from WillsCasa.Com

Thanks for the sweet words Jacinda! I’m working towards making Froggy books just for her read to self time. Stop the torture!!


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