Oilcloth Upholstered Footstool & A Design Question for You!

upholstered footstool

I’ve lived in Keller, TX for 3 years and yet just discovered that it’s an antique wonderland. Enormous multi-room antique malls are hidden behind inconspicuous storefronts all along Main Street. This could become a problem as you will see in my posts over the next few weeks. I’m discovering that I have a talent for finding all kinds of treasures deserving a loving home. My loving home. For example, ever since Jaime posted her upholstered oilcloth stool a few years ago, I’ve been on the lookout for one to re-do. Over 2 years! And last week I found 2 within 5 minutes of my house. I was good and only bought one (for $6) promising myself that if I finished the project I could return for the second stool. Apparently I’ve figured out what motivates me. Here is my first little beauty, covered in Anna Maria Horner’s new Field Study Oilcloth and ready for sticky baby fingers or bathtub splashes.

Read on for the before and after photos and my design question for you…


The “before” fabric actually wasn’t too bad. Everything comes back around doesn’t it? However, it had some stains and worn spots and I knew the oilcloth would be more functional, plus how about that Anna Maria Horner Field Study? I can’t get enough. So now for my question…

The transformation was drastic when Jaime redid her stool because in addition to reupholstering, she painted the base white for a clean fresh look. I could not, however, come up with a color for the legs that worked better than the dark brown stain. What do you think? would you paint the legs? If so, what color?




I like the dark, too, BUT they blend into the dark carpet in the photo!

If you were going to paint, I’d choose an accent color you’re using in the room that complements the green of the oilcloth as well as the green of the wall.

Leigh Anne

Great transformation! I’m having a hard time deciding what color is in the new fabric from my monitor (greenish/teal?). But, I would go with a bold accent color from the room….yellow, aqua, coral? love it!


What if you stripped the legs and white washed them or used the oxidating technique to make them look like antiqued weathered wood!?

Heidi @ Fabric Mutt

Beautiful! It makes me want to try a project like this…

I think the brown legs work, though I wouldn’t mind white either. If you wanted to go with bright color, maybe coral or yellow?


I like the dark legs on it. And it makes me happy that you’re in Keller — we looked at houses there but ended up buying in east Fort Worth (almost to Arlington). đŸ™‚


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