One More Fabric Flower

Oh, we love fabric flowers so much here at Prudent Baby. We’ve done the no-sew rolled fabric flowers, the pom pom fabric flowers, and the ever-popular fabric flower hairclip. Well here’s another stash-busting fabric flower to use as embellishment for tops, bags, hairclips, anything really. It works up in a pinch.

Get the full Fabric Flower tutorial after the jump…

Another Fabric Flower

You’ll need five squares of fabric. My flower is made using 2.5″ squares, but feel free to scale up or down.

Fold them all into triangles with wrong sides together (it’s hard to tell on this fabric, but the right sides are out facing you) and iron flat.

Thread a needle. Why am I using an upholstery needle? Because I don’t hand sew often and cannot find my other hand sewing needles, so I worked with what I had.

Knot the end of the thread and sew a running stitch (just a big old straight stitch) across the two flat sides of your triangle.

Push the fabric to gather it into a petal.

Attach the next triangle by simply sewing onto it

Repeat sewing across the two flat sides of the triangle and gathering:

Continue with all five triangles.

Gather them all up, then bring the two ends together and sew them together.

Sew a few more stitches to hold your flower straight if you like.

Dig into your button stash

Sew a button or sequins or whatever you like into the top to cover the center.

Attach a hair clip or sew onto a shirt or bag or whatever you like. Because of my aforementioned distaste for handsewing, I hot glued a hairclip with a piece of felt into the back.





I've been making these little guys for awhile and adding them to coin purses to add some pretty color without being overbearing. đŸ™‚


AHHHHH thank you soo much!!!!!I have been wondering how to do these and wanted to do one to match the one shoulder dress I made yesterday. You are the greatest!!


What a great idea. I would love to make these in xmas and or birthday fabrics to adorn gifts. What a touching way to add personality to a present!!! Thank you!


Way To conquer your aversion to hand sewing! Cuz just look at some of the cute things you can make with this skill. Plus it's one of the cuter fabric flowers I've seen


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