Our Back-To-School Office Makeover for 2


Clare has been turning any small corner she could find into her own office since she was three years old. As soon as she could write her name, she designed her own business cards. The girl is a little obsessed with work space and organization. When Wayfair asked us to design a kid homework space to celebrate their Back-To-School Sale, we said “YES PLEASE!” I knew that they would love it.

IMG_3956 IMG_3996 IMG_3903

It was time to create a drool-worthy and hopefully brain-expanding grown-up-ish workspace for the girls to share. It was important to all of us that they had their own desks… and spaces to chill… IMG_3927or play with friends…

IMG_3911IMG_3909But could also use the space to work together on projects.

IMG_3983We already had some of the work done in curtains and a wall mural that we had created for our DIY and Home Decor book Pretty Prudent Home.


With the help of Wayfair we added desks, chairs, and a bookshelf plus some fabulous accents like a sheepskin pelt, a woven basket, and a pouf ottoman.

IMG_3892 IMG_3885

IMG_4071From there we pulled some items from around the house and shopped for a few extra goodies around town.IMG_3995           IMG_3900They are loving their new office. I think we are almost ready to get back-to-school!





your idea is just wonderful. You picked up very beautiful colors for the interior of the children’s room. This will have a positive effect on the education of our children: it will help them focus on their homework and reading books.

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