Paint Watercolor Autumn Botanicals Video Tutorial

Here is my How to Paint Watercolor Autumn Botanicals Video Tutorial!

How to Watercolor Paint Autumn Botanicals Tutorial

I’ve seen a lot of people trying my original How to Watercolor Paint Pumpkins tutorial lately so I thought it would be fun to give everyone a new festive fall painting project.

This painting of Autumn Botanicals was one that I recently taught at a painting workshop for Amy Locurto’s Amy’s Circle Conference and now you can follow along from home. 

Here’s a list of supplies but really you can do this How to Paint Watercolor Autumn Botanicals Video Tutorial project with any paper and brushes that you have at home.


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If you have any questions, definitely let me know! I love to help my students and your input will surely help me when I make my next painting video. If you paint Autumn Botanicals, please share your work. You can email me, tag me on instagram @JacindaStudio or send me a message on facebook. It makes me so happy to see the cool stuff that you create from any of my projects!

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I love your tutorials ♥️♥️
Thank you for the watercolor paint suggestions on Amazon. I want to get together with some friends to create!


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Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights on this topic. Your story is really inspiring and it’s great to see someone who is so passionate about their work.


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