Personalized Nursery Art: The Easiest Handmade Gift Ever.

We’ve been busy playing with our new embroidery/sewing machines from Brother and we are even giving one away! I love how easy it is to make something personal with embroidery. This is a little piece of art that I made for Gordon’s room in less than 1/2 hour. What a perfect gift for a brand-new baby! This would be beautiful hand-embroidered but you definitely wouldn’t have it done in 20 minutes! Do you need a step-by-step for this one? Probably not but I’ll give it to you anyway, just so you can see how simple it is to make!

Remember the Crochet Pennant Garland That was one of our first DIYs!

What is your go-to quick handmade gift for new baby?  Leave a comment and you might win the fun party supplies from Bake it Pretty!

1. Place your tear away stabilizer and fabric in your embroidery hoop. I used the largest (6″x10″) hoop for my machine. I used this handy grid overlay to make sure my fabric was straight. Isn’t this fabric panel so, so cute? It’s Boko To Watashi for Kikohara Bonjour from Fabricworm. I can get 6-8 pieces out of the $12 panel. Nice!

2. Design layout right on screen in machine. I did “GORDON” in large caps and then his birthdate small underneath. You could easily do a full name and add fun info like weight, time of birth, parents names… so many options.

3. Apply different colors to different sections so that the machine knows to stop and prompt you to change thread color.

4. Let her rip! Watch in amazement.

5. Ready for a thread change!

6. Here it is all stitched.

7. Time to snip the threads.

8. Ready to remove from hoop. Side note: I need a new iron. What should I get?

9. Tear away stabilizer. And also, do a better job at it than this. You don’t want stabilizer between letters. When you stretch the piece on the canvas (in the next step) it will make your fabric pucker.

10. Center canvas on back of “art”. You can also hold it up to a light source to help with position.

11. Lift edge of fabric up and over edge. Staple using a light upholstery staple gun, or stronger.

12. Pull fabric taut and add another staple bottom – center. Add staples centered on sides, pulling taut but not stretching.

13. Continue stapling, altering sides and pulling taut until only the corners are left.

14. tuck excess fabric up under and create nice corners. Staple in place on back.

15. Trim away excess fabric. If this is a gift, you might want to carefully trim it straight or add a panel of paper to the back, like an archival frame, with either staples or glue. And you know it might actually get hung by a new mom if you add hanging hardware.

Mine? It goes on the shelf so I don’t have to add the hardware. I love shelves.




Just lovely Jacinda! I started working with embroidery a few months ago and am addicted! It adds such a nice touch to sewn goods…As for an iron, I used to be faithful to Rowentas, but recently switched to a Reliable Digital Velocity V100 and LOVE it. I wrote a review on it when I first received it here:
I have been using it for months now and can say hands down it is the best iron I have owned…Just know that it is heavy – anyone with wrist issues should not consider it.

The Queen

That is SO adorable! I don't have an embroidery machine, but I think if I did every thing that was fabric in our house would suddenly have initials, names, or cute designs all over it. Dangerous!


Insanely adorable! That machine is a miracle worker. πŸ™‚
Our go to is burp cloths/cloth diapers. You can use them for just about everything and they just need a little strip of fabric so it uses up my scrap stash pretty nicely too!

Carrie C.

I have been giving out the Diaper Cakes, I Also have giving homemade burp clothes- take fun kids sheets that I find at goodwill and cut them up for the pannel, and then sew them onto a cheap cloth diaper, add some bias tape and there ya go! It is easy and not expensive!


What a clever idea to turn a sewing project into a piece of art! My go to gift ideas are tag blankets, banners with the babys name spelled out over the banner. But the easiest is making bibs out of outdoor table cloth, it is soo cheap too. Just cut out mirrored pieces sew together then add a cute bias tape! So easy and easy to clean up! Isn't that what we need as moms . . . easy πŸ™‚
Jen at Jstar1031 (at) yahoo (dot) com


This machine is great! If I won this machine, it would make my go to baby gift easier! I buy a onesies and take it to our local embroidery shop to have the baby's name embroidered on it. Then, make either a tiny skirt or pants (add ribbon ruffles for girls) out of a crib skirt that I bought at a thrift store. If there is time I will make a pair of matching baby shoes.

Here is my last gift …;=a.145441445521707.33045.101191483280037&type;=1


I crochet up a quick pair of booties and then customize them with ribbons, buttons, etc. and make them look HOT! Love them… so quick and easy! πŸ™‚


With a first grandbaby on the way and a 30 year old sewing machine this would be an incredible gift! I can't wait to start.


I usually crochet a little beanie and make a simple blanket to go with the beanie. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE an embroidery machine! Thanks so much for the chance to win!


sara green-anderson

Such a fun giveaway. Oh I hope I win πŸ™‚ I usually send over a new bunting/garland with babies name (if it was not known prior) and birth date. I usually include some sort of fun design or room theme in it. So fun!


What a great site! I've been perusing your posts and see some fun easy projects I can do!

I found a link to your blog on Grosgrain, and can't wait to add you to my reader.

Love the jelly-jar pin cushion…

miscstadra at hotmail dot com

Elizabeth Pyo

Wow. That is really a great gift idea! My go to gift (I have 2 showers in the next month) is burp cloths and hairbands (for girls) and recently felt lamb pillows along with something purchased from the registry.

Stephanie Krohn

My go to gift is a mini quilt taggie. I use scraps of fabric to make a small (roughly 5×7) quilt with the child's first initial appliqued on top and ribbon taggies around the edges.


I like to make booties with a matching bib or some burp cloths. Baby gifts are so fun!

Debbie - Too Cute Embroidery

How fun! I'm glad you're enjoying your new baby/machine. I would be happy to send you some designs if there are any on my site you'd like to try. I've been enjoying your blog & projects and would love to gift some to you. Happy stitching! Debbie Hicks
Too Cute Embroidery

or if you need for anything special you don't find, give me a holler πŸ™‚


My go to it gift for baby is a tag blanket. It doesnt take much work or fabric and babies love them! As for the mama, home cooked meals of course πŸ™‚


Rowenta is definitely the iron to go for. It doesn't leak scalding water and leave brown spots on your nice clothes like cheaper irons do.

I love how creative and personalized this little gift idea is. Personalized gifts are by far my favorite ones to make and give.


My go-to gift is a changing pad with a "Pocket" at one end that hold a small pack of wipes and a diaper or two, great for those quick trips to the store when you don't want to lug a huge diaper bag.
P.S. LOVE your site and all your ideas. My house is a mess because I keep finding something new to make and I put off cleaning πŸ™‚

Kelly Zillows

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