Have you heard of the haven of handmade crafts and cuteness called Wild Olive? Talk about blogs to be crushing on. When I first saw the Cuckoo Clock Ornament Mollie made I couldn’t wait to check out more. Her You Stitched Up My <3 embroidery pattern is a perfect gift for a loved one and the Mum Hairpins are almost so cute it hurts.

Today though, Mollie is gonna teach us all about the technique of how to nicely back and hang an embroidery hoop. This is a great tool to know for giving your finished embroidery a professional look in a hoop and by keeping all those straggling and criss crossing threads hidden. Pull out your embroidery supplies and grab a hoop. What do you say? Let’s get to work…

Preparing a Hoop for Hanging

I do a lot of embroidery, and one of my favorite ways to finish it off is to prepare it for hanging in an embroidery hoop. It makes a perfect little frame! There are lots of ways to do this, but basically, the idea is to get your embroidery into a state where you can hang the hoop up on a wall.

Depending on how lazy or industrious I’m feeling, my hoops might look like what you see here. But today I’m going to show you one of the fancier versions of framing that I’ve ever done. Even though it takes more time than other methods, it’s still nice and easy!

Here’s how I did mine. To start, I painted my embroidery hoop (it takes a couple coats of craft paint), and then added some sealer. Once it’s all dry, I placed my finished embroidery in the hoop, and got to finishing the back.

As you can see, I did my embroidery through the fabric and a layer of batting because I wanted a slightly quilty look. I trimmed the excess fabric, leaving about 1 inch of fabric and batting.

Using a large running stitch, I sewed around the edge, and gathered it in.

From the same fabric as my embroidery, I made a fabric yoyo large enough to cover the opening in the back of the hoop. You could even stitch a little something (like the date or your initials) on this before the next step.

I flipped the yoyo, and whip stitched it in place on the back. It’s a little puffy, but it still lays nicely against a wall.

To hang the piece, I added a strip of fabric to the screw to act as a hanger. Want to see the whole thing? It’s hiding here in my Flickr stream.

As I said, there are lots of ways to finish off the frame and back of your work. Here are a few that I’ve pinned for reference:

I hope these help to inspire your embroidery hoops, whether you’re stitching embroidered gifts or just because it’s so much fun to do!

Find out where Mollie gets all her embroidery supplies right here.


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