Pretty Prudent Backyard Makeover: The Before Shots

Backyard Makeover

When we built our house 5 1/2 years ago, we fell in love with this large lot with a row of tall trees at the back. We’ve sowed a family garden, had epic sidewalk chalk sessions, eaten literally hundred of frosty treats, and conducted several rowdy Easter Egg hunts despite the flat landscape. The plan has always been to give the yard a major overhaul at some point, we are talking fantasy backyard with stunning outdoor kitchen, pool, hot tub, and that time is finally here! I’M SO EXCITED!

You know it’s going to be pretty luxe and classy since my husband is in charge of this project and not me. If it was just me, I would be pulling scrap wood and mattress springs out of my neighbor’s trash to craft lounge chairs. I might still, we can’t let him have all the fun after all. But after 20 years of moving around the world in the Navy, he is very happy to be investing in our “forever home” by creating a beautiful outdoor space for our family and pals. IMG_8252

A few years ago we built these raised garden beds where I learned how to grow in the Texas Summer. Herbs and peppers thrive, peas and cucumbers shrivel on the vine. This year, in anticipation of the project, we didn’t plant but instead had fun seeing what came back from the year before. Zinnia, mutant Sunflowers and Thai Basil took over the place, along with a bit of lettuce, carrots and cilantro. Next year a new garden space will be ready for planting. *Note my band of giant grasshopper hunters. So. Many. Cats.IMG_8243_1

While we love our yard, we can’t wait get started on this huge home project. Stay tuned for the plans!



Kevin Lahmers

Who reads the comments??? 😉

I gotta get in touch with the XY Boneau to find out the plans. Will this spell the end of backyard soccer?


It’s still going strong! The kids have been swinging every day while we are stuck at home.

Complete Clean

This exciting transformation from a cherished family space to a dream backyard underscores the joy of creating environments that foster family memories and embrace nature’s resilience. It’s a beautiful reminder of how spaces evolve with us, blending functionality with personal touches of whimsy and sustainability.


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