Pretty Prudent Home Book: Request for Submissions

Jaime's BackyardHey good looking, is your home just as lovely?

Whether you live in an urban apartment, a tiny cottage, a stunning beach house, a trailer, or a split-level ranch on a cul-de-sac, we want to see your beautiful family home. We are looking for submissions of well-designed, creative interiors which exemplify different ways to style and live in a family dwelling for our upcoming book, Pretty Prudent Home which will lead the Abrams Spring Catalog 2015.

Please submit low resolution versions (800dpi) of your existing professional-quality home photography to: submissions[at]prettyprudent[dot]com

In your email, also include:

1.  A paragraph about your home and family, where you live and how your lifestyle influences the way you style your home.

2.  Information regarding previous publication of home in books, magazines, or high-profile blogs & websites. Never before published is best.

3.  Designer, decorator, photographer and/or architect credits as appropriate. By submitting photos for consideration, you acknowledge that you own all rights to images/photography or have obtained approval from all parties.

4.  Photographic examples of the following decorating concepts if they apply, with explanation:

  • Investment pieces: Investing in one high-end or vintage item that sets the mood/scene for the whole room (the rest of which is more affordable)
  • Working with what you have: Re-arranging or re-imagining a piece of furniture or artwork that you are stuck with to make it work.
  • Budget pieces : Using low-price-point items to decorate (I.e. metal folding chairs at the dining table with stunning results)
  • Repurposing/moving pieces around to refresh space create interest: Pulling unexpected items from other rooms to create a bold new look.
  • Something for everyone: Combining two different needs/styles to create a cohesive space. For example, His & Hers, Parents & kids.
  • Comfort and Durability: A space in which you made comfort the most important factor, a cozy, warm space that is still visually lovely.
  • Ready for any occasion: A dining, outdoor, or living space that is primed for parties/holidays/etc and easily changes for any occasion.
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We can’t wait to see the beautiful space that you and your family call home. Please feel free to pass this request along to all of your fabulous creative friends and share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and via carrier pigeon. Professional submissions from decorators, designers, photographers, stylists and architects are also welcome! Please submit as soon as possible for consideration. Deadline 2.21.13

Any questions? Feel free to email us or leave them in the comments here.



Tara Lenney

Ladies-so excited to hear about the upcoming book. One quick question- we recently moved into a new home and I’ll have some photos to submit from here, but I have some professional photography of our old home that we shot just before we moved. Is it ok to submit the photos if we don’t live there anymore? I ask in case you are planning on re-shooting any of the spaces after you make your selections. Thanks!


We would love to see both spaces. We plan to use the existing photography assuming it has not been published with in a high-profile print or online publication. Thanks Tara! Cant wait to see!


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