Pretty Prudent Summer Camp: 5 Minute DIY Sit-Upon

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Clare and Quinn in Texas and Scarlet in California too. While there is a little anxiety about how to keep the kids amused and inspired all day every day, I think we both agree that the next few months promise tons of adventure, creativity, and yes, a little bit of learnin’, and we are pretty giddy about all of that. Because we worked in marketing for all those years (it’s how we met!) we can’t help but theme even our plans for Summer vaca. We’re calling it Pretty Prudent Summer Camp. We made a logo so there’s no backing out now…


Summer Camp will be filled with kid-friendly DIYs, crafts and games that travel well for road trips, books to read, inspiring Summer spaces, easy warm weather snacks and meals, and tips and itineraries for general Summer awesomeness.


First up we have our own version of the classic sit-upon. I remember weaving newspaper with my Girl Scout troop to make a little pad to keep my tush dry around the campfire. With this being Clare’s first Summer as a scout, I had to continue the tradition…

This version uses:

2 – 18″x18″ squares of oil cloth (you could also use a vinyl tablecloth or shower curtain,)

2 – 16″ squares of high-loft quilt batting (or whatever filler you have around)

and fun colored Duct Tape.

All you have to do is sandwich the batting between the two squares of oilcloth and then tape each side, folding the tape over the edge the long way. Trim the tape edge straight and your done!

Now you will be ready to pull up a sit-upon at your next picnic!IMG_1527-72




We are making them for the homeless so that they have a place to sit when they are out of the shelter. We are adding a rope handle and a pocket.


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