Pretty Prudent Trend: The Redwoods

I recently went on a month long road trip from LA to Puget Sound, Washington that encompassed everything from showering with frogs to literally driving through Redwood trees. Since I’ve been home I’ve found myself drifting into dreamland thinking about what it would be like to live amongst the Redwood giants. Since that’s not exactly easy to do, why not bring the Redwoods into your home, right?

Check out more photos of my Redwood inspiration and where you can get your hands on all these lovely items after the jump…

1) Hang a Canteen Clock on your entryway wall.

2) Mount a Hand-Carved Wood Stag in the living room.

3) Fill a blank corner with a bright Yellow Lantern.

4) I created a Redwood Forest paint palette using my own photo and the Chip It App. The paint colors are: Great Green, Glisten Yellow, Brandywine, Inverness, and Tricorn Black.

5) Cover the walls in this beautiful Forest Wallpaper.

6) Enjoy a cocktail in Copper Cups

7) Cozy up with your sweetheart under this Blanket.

The more green the better – Fill your home with plants to add a pop of color,  plus they are also known to be stress-reducers and help eliminate dust. Win, win!

Textures and Patterns: The Redwoods are filled with intricate textures and patterns all around. Be inspired to change up a room by adding a new patterned rug or detailed frame.

Here’s a peek of our trip – the campsite, looking up inside a tree, and driving through a tree (that was the best part)!



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