Prudent Advice for Every Woman

Prudent Advice for Every Woman by Jaime Morrison Curtis

It’s here! My new baby! That’s right, Prudent Advice has been updated and is being re-released in an all new package, as Prudent Advice for Every Woman.

After my first book, Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman) was released in 2010 (I still remember the day it was featured in The Wall Street Journal like it was my 21st birthday)…

…so many women said “This book is not just for mothers and daughters! It’s for all women, especially pre-teen and teenage girls.” At the time, I didn’t know many girls, just babies. Those babies have grown up so much, and I wanted to dedicate this book to these future women whom I admire and adore already.
Prudent Advice for Every Woman by Jaime Morrison Curtis

Then two years later, after the journal version, My Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Daughter (in which you record your own prudent advice for your daughter) came out and promptly went through multiple printings (find your copies in major bookstores, on Amazon, and at Paper Source stores nationwide);

readers said the same thing – you wanted a book you could share with all the women in your life, whether or not they had already chosen, or would ever choose, motherhood. So we went back to the drawing board, and I updated my book, and now here it is, in a perfect little package to gift to a girl or woman you love. It’s a vegan-leather bound little treasure, in orange and silver with a ribbon to mark your favorite piece of advice. Here’s mine (#17):
Prudent Advice: Be Generous

I have to say, six years after first writing it (when Scarlet was just a baby), I think maybe the message has gotten through to both of us. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more generous child. I don’t know if she will read through this book and find it to be a major influence in her life or not; but I know the act of writing it was a major influence on how I parent her. I talk about this is the new introduction to Prudent Advice for Every Woman. I am still crossing my fingers it means something to her in the long run. And that it means something to you all as well.
Prudent Advice for Every Woman

Anyway, I hope you love it. It’s been my honor to collect, read, and share your Prudent Advice over the years, and I hope to do it in many more versions to come. Please pre-order your copy now on Amazon, and look for it in stores this October.
Prudent Advice for Every Woman by Jaime Morrison Curtis

P.S. This one is for the sisters. Jacinda, I love you.
Prudent Advice for Every Woman Book



Tara S

Congratulations!! I’ve given a lot of ladies Prudent Advice lessons for my baby daughter. Can’t wait to pre-order this one. I wish you the most success and thanks for all the advice.

Just curious, is this book a sequel? That is has all new advice or does it overlap with the first Prudent Advice book?


This is the same advice with a new intro and look! The second book (My Prudent Advice) has about 50 new pieces of advice in it đŸ™‚


So excited for this Jaime! Ordering one for my bestie asap. Already holding the first version for my 4yo Violet.


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