Prudent Baby DIYs: Baby Basics Round Up

I thought I’d compile a list of links to a bunch of our DIY’s for baby in case you feel crafty and don’t have twelve spare hours to read the entire blog.  Also, if there is something you want to make but don’t know how, please let us know in the comments and we will try to create a tutorial for you!

13-month-old Scarlet photo included just because I can.

Nursery Decor
DIY Crib Sheet
DIY Changing Pad Cover
DIY Silky Blanket, DIY Simple Snuggly Blanket
DIY Pillow, DIY Pom Pom Pillow
DIY Custom Diaper Shelf
DIY Clock
DIY Photo Collage
DIY Wall Hangers
DIY Victorian Frame
DIY Cameo Silhouettes
DIY Crochet Wreath
DIY Easy Curtains, Pom Pom Curtains, and Lined Curtains
DIY Cornice/Pelmet
DIY Tray
DIY Crochet Pennant Garland 1 and 2
DIY Photo Cubes
DIY Custom Art Easel / Chalkboard
DIY Framed Butterfly
DIY Cameo Plaque
DIY Creative Formula Storage
DIY Modern Mobile
DIY Watercolor Silhouettes with Templates

Baby Clothing & Accessories

DIY Hooded Baby Towel 12, and 3
DIY Nursing Cover
DIY Pacifier Clip
DIY Hair Clips
Crochet Scarf
Crochet Beret
DIY Doll Diapers
DIY Fabric Covered Letters

DIY Denim Knickers
DIY Baby Skirt
DIY Tutu-torial
DIY Fabric Lunchbag & DIY Drawstring Bag
DIY Boy Tee into Girl Dress
DIY Necklace Dress
DIY Denim Baby Shoes
DIY Monogrammed Hair Clip

Toys & Games
DIY Potty Training Chart
DIY Art Smock
DIY Party Hats
DIY Baby-Designed Tile
DIY No-Sew Concentration Game
DIY Cardboard Play House
DIY Fabric Number and Alphabet Magnets




I've looked everywhere on the internet for a tutorial on how to make or recover an infant carseat cover. I want to replace the one I have on their now thats old and not very cute. I've heard you can use the old one as the padding and just recover it but I'm too scared to try and figure it out myself I'm sure I'll mess it up. I have a couple friends too who want to do the same thing. I would love love love a tutorial on how to do that!! I love your tutorials thanks so much!


i don't have an infant car seat anymore but I totally wanted to do one. i will….eventually. i will try to find a good one to link too at least! a grocery cart cover is a great idea – i'm putting it on my list!


i have a brand spankin' new sewing machine and now a million and one ways to try it out. thank you for the compilation!


Thank you so much for this comprehensive list of baby projects – that is exactly what I need now. I am 5 months pregnant and just bought a huge stack of beautiful fabrics. I think I'll start with the changing pad cover and then work my way through the craft list 🙂


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